Saturday, February 13, 2016

LOVE Art Deco Banner!

A simple 'I LOVE U' Valentine banner made with an Art Deco flair!!! 


Robin's Nest Papers Valentine Hearts (front and Back) and Valentine Strips (back only)
Hearts Dew Drops

Hole Punch
Heart Punch
Stamps - I LOVE U

For this banner you will need eight banners, each banner is 7 inches x 4 inches, at the point 5 1/2 inches.  Be careful when using pattern paper that you have the pattern going in the correct direction when cutting. 

Using the ScorPal, score each banner every 1/2 inch.   
Fold each banner with ends facing down.  These will create the lapels of each banner. 

Once the banners are folded staple the folds on the back side, be sure to leave the two outside pieces free.

Punch 1 1/2 inch hearts, stamp with the letters spelling "I LOVE U".  Punch holes in hearts an dtie with ribbon.

Once they are tied add Hearts Dew Drops and glue the banners to the heart. Finally add tulle.

Hope this inspires you to create your own ART DECO Banner!


Friday, February 12, 2016

Fairie Song Art Stamps - Wish Upon a Star


Using Fairie Song Art Stamps - When you Wish Upon a Star and
Altered Pages Collage Bertiglia II

Paint Postcard Tag with Gelatos using a water brush, dry.  Cut a star from paper to make a mask and wipe Chalk Paint Timeless with a Pallet Knife, let dry.  While the paint dries adhere image to thin chipboard with Glue Stick and fussy cut.

Stamp Fairie Song Art Stamps  "When you Wish Upon a Star" and  Glitz Stamp - LOVE with Black Ink emboss with Pirates Gold Embossing Powder.  Add embossing powder smudges on the card.  Tear a piece Authentique Paper Summer adhere to the bottom of the tag.

Staple a bit a tulle to the bottom of the tag, add  Petaloo Flowers and Petaloo Hat Pins.  With Dimensional Tape attach collage image.
Add tulle and ribbon to the top of the tag!

Fairie Song Art Stamps - When you Wish Upon a Star
Altered Pages Collage Bertiglia II
Black Ink
Postcard Tag
Pirates Gold Embossing Powder
Authentique Paper Summer
Glitz Stamp - LOVE
Chalk Paint Timeless
Pallet Knife
Petaloo Flowers
Petaloo Hat Pins
Dimensional Tape
Glue Stick
Thin chipboard - like a cereal box

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Fairie Dreams

Another of my Postcard Fairies

Fairie Song Art Stamps ~ Dreams Take Flight
Ink Black and gray
Postcard Tag
Niji Watercolors
Water Brush
Embossing Powder Packs
Altered Pages Collage images Fairy Doll
Petaloo Flowers
Gold Oplulence
Gel Medium
Thin chipboard
Smooch~ Frosted Grape

With black ink, stamp Fairie Song Art Stamp on thin chipboard. Emboss with Pirates Gold Embossing Powder, then fussy cut the fairy.  
Stamp theFairie Song Art Stamp  on the Postcard Tag, wet the tag liberally with water.
Spray with Smooch~ Frosted Grape, dry with heat gun paint with a water brush and  Niji Watercolors
With Punchinello add texture with gray ink. 
Adhere old opulence. After the card is dry, go over the card gently with gel medium.
Add Petaloo flowers, for a little bling randomly add glitter!!!

Hope you are inspired!!

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Sweet Little Fairie Postcard

My first in a series of Postcard Tags that were shared on the Altered Pages blog!

Today I have created a fantasy tag with the Fairie Song Art Stamp ~ Megan... I love the deeply etched red rubber!

First the Postcard Tag was washed with water then painted with assorted colors of  Gelatos.  To paint, rub the Gelato on the craft mat and use a wet water brush to pick up the color.  The keeps the color/painting looking like watercolors.

Fairie Song Art Stamp ~ Megan
Postcard Tag
Gelatos assorted colors
Water Brush
Black ink & Brown Ink
Tacky glue
Gold Gilded Leafing
Dylusion Stencil
Petaloo Flowers
Flower Ribbon
Thin White Chipboard

Then the Fairie Song Art Stamp ~ Megan  was stamp on directly the tag with black ink and stamped a second time on thin white chipboard.  Fussy cut the image stamped on chipboard.

The wings of the butterfly, fairy and the leaf were painted with Gelatos.  Gold Gelato over the colors gave the wings a shimmer. Paint the chipboard image.  Let them dry.  To speed drying time use a heat gun.  

With brown ink randomly stencil on the tag.

Give the tag a little bling... with tacky glue randomly add Gold Gilded Leafing.

Add lace and flower ribbon... and Petaloo Flowers.

Add ribbons and tulle to the top of the tag. 

Megan almost looks like she is flying!

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Bicycles for Two!!!

What a wonderful time of year.... LOVE is in the Air!  Valentines is just around the corner.  I have been busy creating my Carousel for Two...
that is TWO BIKES!

What you need:
Robin's Nest Papers Valentine Hearts and Valentine Strips
Robin's Nest Die Cut Bicycles
Robin's Nest Die Cut Doilies
Round Craft Box (project is 8 inch)
Cardboard Tube
Plastic Lid
Glue stick
Double stick tape
Glue gun

Start with a  round craft box - measurements for this project will depend on the size of box you use.  Lay it on a piece of Robin's Nest Valentine Hearts and cut a circle the size of the lid ( we will use the back for the top of the box!) Adhere with glue stick, if it appears to be a little big sand the edges down with an emery board. Cut strips from the Robin's Nest Valentine Strips wide enough to cover the sides of the lid and adhere with glue stick. 

Cut strips from Robin's Nest Valentine Hearts wide enough to cover the sides of the base and adhere with double sided tape.

Now the fun begins... I dug out every clear DEW DROP I owned!  If you have seen my work almost everything I do has some dew drops.  This project is dew drop heaven.  With tacky glue add dew drops around the rim of the top of the box, set aside to dry.

When the first application of dew drops are dry, add dew drops around the side of the box.

To create the top of the carousel.  Cut a circle about one inch larger than the box (I used a dinner plate.)  Make a cut to the center of the circle then over lap the edges until you have the desired size of cone.  Adhere edges with double stick tape. Add dew drops around the edge of the cone, set aside to dry.
With tacky glue add dew drops around the bottom of the box, set aside to dry.

Use a large plastic lid, this one is from a coffee can. Sand the edges with an emery board to give it some tooth.  Tacky glue dew drops around the edge of the plastic lid. Set aside to dry.

The center of the carousel is a cardboard tube, covered with The Robin's Nest Valentine Hearts using double sided tape.

Tacky glue dew drops around the top and bottom edges of the cardboard tube, set aside to dry.

Cut four straws the same length as the center cardboard tube.  Cover two of them totally with dew drops using tacky glue, set aside to dry.  On the two remaining straws add dew drops to the top and bottom only!  

Ink the back of the die cuts with black ink. 
Once all the pieces are dry the carousel is ready to assemble.

I used a glue gun since it sets so fast.  If you do not have one tacky glue will work, you will just have some drying time.  First glue the lid inside of the cone, creating the top of the carousel.

Adhere the large white doily and the small pink Robin's Nest Die Cut Doily to the center of the lid.   Apply hot glue inside the cardboard tube and center on the lid.  Hot glue the bottom of the straws using the pattern on the doily for placement. Sorry no photos here, got caught up in the moment and forgot to take pics!!!

Apply hot glue to the top of the cardboard tube and straws, then add the top to the carousel.

 Finally, adhere the bicycles with tacky glue to the straws that are not covered with dew drops.
Hope you are inspired to create your own carousel...