Sunday, November 26, 2006

First Time Blogging

I am blogging my scrapbooking... this isn't intended to express my deep feelings or darkest thoughts. I want to share with other scrappers what I am doing... where I visit.

My very favorite message board is Scrappers Bliss, that is where I hang out most of the time, when I am on the computer.

Another of my favorites is the Stevenson Quints. I am lucky enough to know the quints and help with them. Check out their website you will find the link under My Fav Links. View pictures of Aniston, Belle, Camilee, Scarlet and Westson!

Well I am in the process of setting this up... will write more later!


Wendy said...

YAY! Enjoy your bloggin' girl!

Leslie said...

Go girl, get your Blog on! Have fun!

Rebecca Bollman said...

Welcome to blogland Lyneen. Nice to have another way to get to know you.