Sunday, March 15, 2009


Liz at Artistic Sojourns got me to thinking when I read her post "Thoughts on Going Green."  She mentioned three ways that she has GONE GREEN: Sharing My Supplies, Re-use, Recycle and Share My Art.  What an inspiration... I was so inspired that I have decided to SHARE MY SUPPLIES.... I have way more than I will ever use.  I will be cleaning and organizing my craft room over the next few weeks as I get ready for shelves in the closet to help me organize.  

I am not sure how many RAKs I will be giving out!  There will be several.  Just know I am a vintage and contemporary  crafter so there maybe a mix.  All you have to do is leave a comment tell me how you have gone green in your crafty creations. It could be as simple as something you used on a card or layout.  If you like and have a picture on your blog put a link in your comment.  I'd love to see it.  Oh, if you would, let everyone know about my GOING GREEN RAK!  If you post on your blog I will add you into the draw a second time!!!!  Become a follower and check my CANDY BAR on the right from time to time!

This will end on MARCH 17th!!!  St. Patrick's Day...  
Winners will be announced on the 18th!  
May the luck of the IRISH be with you!


azLizJane said...

Thanks Lyneen for the nice words about my post. Your RAK contest is a great idea for going green!



Robin said...

Great idea Lyneen! I too am in the process of cleaning out and re-looking the supplies I have.

Louise (KardKrazy) said...

Great idea here, Lyneen! I have been repurposing packaging for a while now (as well as tags) and find they make great additions to my craft pile rather than the garbage pile!

Olde Dame Penniwig said...

I was impressed by azLizJane's post too.

Some crafters just hoard their stuff. I can't tell you the number of estate sales I've attended where there are literally thousands of pieces of crafting materials, threads, and yarns, dry-rotted or discolored, hoarded and never used or shared.

I share my things all the time, sending them to people who follow my blog, or making up little "favor bags" and dropping them off to people who are just getting into the crafts I do (mainly beading & embroidery).

I respectfully decline to receive your lovely RAK, and hope it can go instead to someone who maybe does not have many materials.

My main "green" activity in terms of crafts is to spray-paint coffee cans and sturdy boxes with chalkboard paint and draw on them with chalk, using them as decor.

Linda said...

Hi Lyneen...what a great idea to promote going green! One of my "green" efforts is to recycle things I find at work into my crafting, like outdated test tubes, packing chip board and plastic tubing. I have everyone at work looking at things as potential craft materials!

Cazzy said...

Hi Lyneen - you are very generous. I don't throw out the card left from die cutting, I use punches to punch out flowers from the left overs.

I also keep pretty herbal tea bag boxes and use pieces on my cards.

I am a hoarder but have been sharing with some new crafters, my Mom is one new crafter. It still looks like a tip in here though.

Kelly said...

great idea! every so often I go through my supplies and donate a bunch to the preschool for the kid's to create with.

Linda M. said...

You posted on my blog....I will send you one of my Jelly Bean prayer ATC's that I made from my scrap paper --- GO GREEN.

I have been going through my supplies the last few weeks. Sorting/recycling, too. S.P.A.C.E. is my motto lately.

Linda M.

Linda M. said...

I forgot to post my email so you can send me your snail mail--

June said...

Some great ideas there and i try my best too this way.
Hi Lyneen, I am just calling to say a very big special thank you for caring enough to leave me a lovely comment and support after my news of my son. Adam is 30 years old and has two children, a three year old litle boy Hayden and a baby girl Casey. Its been a difficult time to say the least but things have improved and Adam is home with his family since last night. He will still need a lot of time and a lot of changes and plenty of medical help but just seeing him with his babies is so wonderful. I thank you so much for the support and care you have sent and i will try and catch up with blogging in the near future
Hugs June xxxx

Kimmie said...

Hi Lyneen!

Here's an example of my kind of re-purposing:

Garden Fairy

Nikki said...

I agree any bit and bobs that can be reused is great exspeially those little things that we don't miss I'll use any beads, images,bottle caps to create new altered Parts for my cards/pages plus it's fun to do
thanks for the chance at all your extra stash
Plus I love all vintage stuff to :)

Georgia said...

I have started saving my off-cuts from backing paper and card rather than cutting int a fresh sheet every time!
Thank you for entering my blog candy!

Zoe said...

Hello Lyneen, Thank you for entering my birthday blog candy and good luck.

Greensleeves said...

I'm a total magpie and never throw things that might come handy for my papercrafting: saving all the cake, flower ribbons, odd buttons, scraps of paper, chocolate boxes & tins. Recycling is great!
Thank you for your lovely RAK!

Darlene (SCS:akronstamperdpk) said...

What an awesome idea Lyneen! Unfortunately this will have to wait until after DH's transplant. No time right now ... but thanks for the suggestion ... it's on my ToDo list!!

Holly Costello said...

My GREEN act in scrapping now is when I use a journaling stamp, I now stamp whatever scraps I have that fit the size of the stamp.
Then I have more journaling cards and I use more of even the smaller scraps. I also am making more cards immediately with my scraps.

Thanks for the suggestions.


Jean Elizabeth said...

I use cereal, pasta, poptart and other food boxes for my atc squares. They are just the right thickness and help recycle things I would otherwise just throw out.
Thanks for the idea I like it! I am going to look for more ways to go green. Check out my blog at

JeanFB said...

Hi! Just found your blog from Kris's Nostalgic Collage... your art and your photos are wonderful! Whenever I can't stand it any more need to purge my supplies, I always make a pile of stuff for our local preschool. They don't care if my papers and stamps are "outdated," it's a great cause, and a great way to avoid the trash can. I've also started using "found objects" on my ATCs... anything that has a design that appeals to me (wine labels, clothing tags, used tickets) can wind up on one. Our ATC club also recently had a swap of whatever-you-find-in-your-stash baggies. Great fun!

thisoldpaper said...

Trying to send out my old paper items to collectors/scrapbookers.

Really I only want to keep the patent medicine TCs, and I have 3 huge boxes of ephemera to empty out.

Getting over my hoarding urges and getting old paper into the hands of those that will preserve or repurpose it.

Didn't know what an RAK stood for until seeing this article. Cool website!

Dawn said...

I am a green gal, I try really hard.

Love the idea of rakin' off your unused loved supplies!

Just Sweet Creations said...

Lyneen going green is a big thing in my house and what a great green candy blog idea you have.In my house we repurpose everything we can and recycle everything else. I also give family,friends and my childrens school items I don't use anymore. Just love the 3 R's. Thanks for the chance to win. Anne :)

Cher said...

Hi Lyneen, and ty for the invite here. I love your green ideas! Ty for the chance to enter. Going green is getting easier..cuz I am getting older lol..When I first discovered chipboard, I bought a ton of it...Well now...I use many things from my home instead of chipboard. I have not tossed a box in 2 years! I love cereal boxes...cuz they don't mess up my punches and you can really get alot of use from one box.
I even have my kids asking me before they toss something if I can use it! I call that success! But I have been *green* so long now..I use what I buy, but I buy less cuz I can use so many things I already have. I was in heaven when my kids donated from their toy closet lol..they donated alot to mom! TYVM for the chance. Luv your blog. Cher

Cher said...

I am also a follower...tyvm Cher

Lyneen said...