Wednesday, February 25, 2009

London Times "Worlds Top Food Blog!"

I know this is a bit out of character for my blog.  Most everything I post has to do with crafting in some way.  Food could be considered a craft, it just has perishable components!  

While I was driving to work today listening to the radio and they started talking about a blogger that "The London Times" recently named the world's top food blogger.  There are 50 listed, right here in the Pacific Northwest we have the the WORLD's TOP!!!  Today the "Seattle Times" did a feature story on Molly Wizenberg.  Her blog is ORANGETTE she started blogging in 2004. They tell how she met her husband through her blog.  Molly is also a columnist for Bon Appetit and recently published "A Homemade Life." Hop on over to ORANGETTE I have enjoyed reading the TOP FOOD BLOG IN THE WORLD.  She even has a recipe index HERE!  Molly has some mighty fine looking recipes!

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