Monday, March 2, 2009

Beeswax Collage Art Party

About a week ago I mentioned an ART PARTY... Here is a sneak peak of what we did.  Our hosts Cathy and Jo made these amazing gifts for each of us... at our place setting we each received a 5x7 beeswax collage.  THANKS SO MUCH CATHY & JO!

We had a wonderful lunch... Thanks Jo for the great soup!
What a great time was had by all!

Then there was the local entertainment!


azLizJane said...


This looks like a wonderful event! The beeswax collage pieces are gorgeous, your friends look like a nice bunch and the bits of nature are very pretty.


Sarah said...

The wildlife pictures are outstanding, your group looks like so much fun...I am envious...and did I spy you in one of the pictures??
Do we get to see your finished project?

Miki said...

Great pictures, Lyneen! That was a fun day, wasn't it? But, I agree with the other comment - We need to start making sure you get into the pictures! And you do need to post your project. It turned out so pretty!.... Miki

Darlene (SCS:akronstamperdpk) said...

Wow ... that looked like a great time!!! And that beeswax collage is awesome!!
Sorry I'm so far behind in my commenting but rest asure, I'm taking the time to at least look at all your wonderful works-of-art! Thanks for always inspiring me!!

Catherine said...

Lyneen, Thanks for posting such great memories of our day! Love all of the pictures, including the birds! I agree with the other comments - time to post pictures of your beeswax creation - it is lovely!

Linda said...

Great pictures Lyneen...what a fun afternoon!