Thursday, March 5, 2009

Scrapbook Update has a Giveaway!!!!

Nancy keeps up with the heart beat of the scrapbook industry on her blog.  I am amazed what I can learn from reading her website.  NANCY HAS A GIVEAWAY THIS MONTH... YOU HAVE UNTIL MARCH 11th!

Right from Nancy's website "Scrapbook Update"
Joanna Campbell Slan has written for Memory Makers and Creating Keepsakes, and had books published about scrapbooking, now in the the U.K. she has started writing a series of scrapbook-themed mysteries. The first one - Paper, Scissors, Death. The second soon to be available - Cut, Crop & Die.  

Quoted from Nancy, "The heroine of the books is Kiki Lowenstein, a mom who scrapbooks. Her life gets turned upside down in the first book when her husband is found dead...and after his college girlfriend is found dead she becomes the prime suspect."   

HEY I LOVE A MYSTERY HOW ABOUT YOU?  You can win one of Joanna's books. CLICK HERE TO GO TO NANCY'S "SCRAPBOOK UPDATE"and find out how.  Then check out what Nancy is writing about these days!

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