Friday, March 20, 2009

British WWII Poster

Who said wait long enough and history repeats itself... Over 60 years ago this poster first debuted. Just a few copies made into the public arena.  I don't think this is back for the same reason it was originally printed.  

It is timeless! 

A very simple poster with a strong message for all times.  The story behind it is even more amazing.  I learned it's history recently at Barter Books in the UK. 

From Barter Books Website:
"On the eve of WWII, the British government produced a series of posters whose intent was to convey a reassuring message from the King to his people. ‘Keep Calm and Carry On’ was one of three posters in a particular series and though millions of copies were printed of all three, ‘Keep Calm’ never went public. The reason for this is that it was meant for distribution only in the event of actual German occupation which, mercifully, never happened. After the end of the war, some few Keep Calm posters escaped being shredded. As far as we know, only two remain in good condition: one is in the Imperial War Museum, and the other, in Barter Books.’


Catherine said...

Good advice for us all - still appropriate after all these years!

LORI said...

Wow..How interesting!! I love hearing the history behind things! This was right up my alley!! I home school so I think I will share this with my daughter. Thanks for sharing it with us!!