Saturday, May 30, 2009

Cello Bags - Best Value!

Last weekend I took over 100 cards that I had stashed in boxes to a street fair to sell.  To protect my treasures I wanted to put them in cello bags.  If I didn't, I knew the customers handling them would unintentionally stain the with finger prints, bend the corners or the embellishments would be knocked off.  I searched online for cello bags.  They are out there and many companies sell them in large lots of 1,000!!!  Way too many for a little time card maker like me.  I finally came across a site that sells them in lots of 100.  I may have not gotten as much for my money, but for what 1,000 of one size would cost me I was able to buy several sizes for the same price.  It would have cost me almost $150 to buy four sizes in lots of 1,000!!!! YIKES... what would I have done with all the bags.  Now if you have a reason to buy in lots of 1,000 there is value for you.


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Catherine said...

Thanks for the great tip, Lyneen! Nice to know there is a place where we can buy a smaller quantity of bags!