Friday, May 29, 2009

Published in Stamper's Sampler June/July '09

You have heard of circle journals... well we did a take on the concept with a rubber stamp and did "STAMP CIRLCE".  A group of online friends  from around the country mailed a rubber stamp from person to person.  Each of us created at least one card and mailed the card to the host Kris.  Then we sent the stamp to the next person on the list. This coming month a "different point of view" is one of our stamp circles. 
My card is the first one on the page below!
The artists are my friends Kris Dickinson, Kimmie Andersen, Susie Dally and Pam Upper. (Note: the cards were submitted last year!)


Catherine said...

Wow- Congratulations, Lyneen on being published (again)! The stamp you all used is adorable, and the cards are lovely!

Kris Dickinson said...

Your work looks marvelous in print! Congrats my friend!