Friday, August 28, 2009

Challenge - Breast Cancer Awareness!

Kathy at Scrapin Kats has decided to create a challenge during Scrap Pink for all the ladies who are not able to attend her Scrap Pink event.  During her event one of the activities will be to embellish a bra.  HER CHALLENGE to the rest of us is to embellish the bra found on her blog (the template is here).   All you have to do is create a pretty, cute, funny (all in good taste) bra.  Her goal is to spread the word on BREAST CANCER AWARENESS... Send your embellished bra to her and it will hang in her store during October.... you will find the address to submit to on Kathy's blog.  One Winner will receive a Gift Bag of Goodies from our Scrap Pink! Join the fun!!!

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