Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Old Scrapbook!!

First, if you know me... my father-in-law is my shopping partner.  We go out shopping in antique stores at least every other week... or thrift stores, then there have been times you might find us at the Good Will.

This past weekend we went to unique store,  Judy's Junk & Java, located at 3656 NW Munson Rd Silverdale, WA 98383.  There you can buy a cup of "JAVA", then peruse the antiques in the store.  

While looking around with coffee in hand I came across this scrapbook.  I sat for the remainder of my visit and looked through all the wonderful pages of the book.  
It is a book from 1946, here are a few of the pages, starting with the birth of their baby boy!
 First Christmas!
First Birthday...
It has been a joy to look at each and every card... there are over 100 in the book!  WHAT A FIND!

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Julie said...

Oh, you lucky girl! What a find, indeed! Look at all those amazing cards--you're going to have such fun with this!

Hope you're having a lovely December day!