Thursday, December 10, 2009

PostCard Friendship Friday - Christmas

Here is my Christmas Post Card for PostCard Friendship Friday (PFF)

This card is interesting, as it was a sample sent to customers as an introduction to a gift you would receive if you paid a one year subscription of 25 cents or two years for 50 cents.   You need to read it to believe it.  
CUTE DOG... the card is embossed.
Never sent and in good shape.
Click on this to enlarge and read.

I was curios about the company that sent this card out. So here is a little history...


UP TO DATE FARMING Semi Monthly Circulation 200,000 Agri Hort Live Stk Dai Poult and Marketing Illustrated Est 1898 Subscrip $1.00 Pages 20 to 32 Cols 4 Type Page 9 by I2 inches Width Adv Col 13 2 ems Editor and Publisher JA Everitt 227 W Washington St 

On the University of Delaware Library site I found:   

J.A. Everitt Seed Co.  -  Annual Catalogue of Celebrated Seeds 1891. 

Indianapolis: The Company, 1891. The map on the cover is explained inside: "The circle is 500 miles from Indianapolis at any point. This circle includes nine-tenths of the farming population of the country, all of whom we can supply quickly with seeds, by mail, express or freight."


Agricultural Experiment Station. 




Experiments with corn conducted at this Station x and reported in this bulletin are comprised under the following numbers and titles : 

No. i. Corn, Testing Varieties. 

No. 3. Corn, Time of Planting. 

No. 5. Corn, Thickness of Planting. 

No. 23. Rotation Experiment. 

No. 90. Corn, Rate of Growth. 

For the benefit of those who desire to consider the effect of meteorological conditions upon the experiments reported there is given on the next page a table of temperatures and rainfall as observed at this Station from January, 1889, to December, 1895, inclusive. 


Louise (KardKrazy) said...

I love this kind of stuff, so interesting. Thanks for sharing, Lyneen.

viridian said...

Interesting that so many people liked postcards, they were given as a free gift for subscribing!

Postcardy said...

I have the same postcard, but without the ad. I always consider it a bonus to find a postcard with an ad printed on the back.

Sue (Someone's Mom) said...

It is a great card and interesting information...I live not too far from the University of Illinois!


Snap said...

This is a wonderful card and loved the information you found. Great post!

Sheila said...

I wonder if that was a successful campaign, if people thought that 15 cards was worth the subscription?

Mary said...

Amzaing, the details. I love postcard ads, too, but all mine are modern!

Christine said...

I love advertising postcards. What a great find.