Wednesday, January 13, 2010

1924 Personal Efficiency!

Recently I found this 75 page pamphlet published in 1924 by the LaSalle Extension University.  We have come a long way Baby!  One article is titled "Helping My Husband Study." I got a chuckle while I read it.  
  • She may encourage him in his study
  • She may protect his leisure
  • She may make him comfortable that he may study while at ease and quiet.
  • She may help with his work by doing secretarial work for him such as typing lessons, finding references, etc.
  • She may discuss problems with him and study along with him
  • She may arrange and maintain a separate study room for him, or  table or bookcase, or desk, or other helpful equipment.
  • She may attend to the physical man--see that he is well fed, and in other ways well taken care of -- in other words be a good homemaker for him.

Can you imagine typing for him on this!
Very efficient new adding machine to help with paying the bills!


Sue (Someone's Mom) said...

I am so glad to be living now!


Linda said...

Or she could just take the class herself, get the degree, and bring home the bacon . . .

Like Sue said above - I am so glad to be living now!


Linda said...

PS - I really do love reading old pamplets and books like this. They are good for a laugh.


Catherine said...

The "helping your husband study" is priceless! Thanks for the chuckles!!!!