Sunday, January 17, 2010

Late Sunday Afternoon Estate Sale Stop!

My dear father-in-law and I were on our way to do some grocery shopping about 3:ooPM.  Yes, most of the time he helps with this chore.  Actually I enjoy going shopping with him.  On our way we spotted a sign that read "Estate Sale."  My car STOPPED and would go no further unless we turned in the drive-way and checked out the sale.  I have a smart car!

It was an experience.  The place had stuff all over, the carport was full of tables and boxes. There were 2 sheds with stuff and then the small 2-bedroom house.  I was going through the house and came to a bedroom with a man was blocking the door.  There was a lady rifling through everything the drawers, closet and boxes.  I politely asked the man if I could get by.  The lady said she was in there and I could come in when she was finished... WOW.  That sure caught me by surprise.  I  just went on to the next room and came back to the bedroom later.  Check out what we found!
We will be putting a lot of these items in our new antique mall spot.  
It was late in the day and much of the stuff was picked over.  
We still came a way with a few treasures. 
There is a cute story behind the cat salt & pepper shakers.  I found one cat in the car port in a box and the other in a shed behind the house.  I think if they are cleaned up they will be going to a good new home in the future. 
Lots of wooden bobbins of thread!
A couple of pieces of silver!
My mother had star candle holders like those when I was small.
I picked up all the heart jewelry I could find. 
All in all I think we had a good day. 
What do you think of our finds? 


Jeanette said...

You got some treasures there. My husband has had a booth for about 8 months and is doing very well. I know different regions mean different things but if you want ot ask him anything he will gladly help.
Good Luck
Heads up about our $50 give away. Nothing to do but comment.

Sherrie said...

Thanks for stopping by my post with your kind comment on my little ballerina. She is now 5'8" but still my little treasure. I love your finds especially the wooden spools, getting hard to find. I can't believe that someone was that rude about not letting you into the bedroom at the sale. It is just like any lawnsale, whomever picks up an item first. Oh well, you still scored.

Linda said...

You certainly did find some treasures! I wish you much success in your mall spot.


ScrappyPam said...

What a haul! Some great stuff there. Not sure I would have taken the high road with the rude woman, though. LOL

Anonymous said...

My mom has about 10 of those star candle holders! Maybe I sould steal them and send them to you! Love all the wooden spools of thread too. Can't wait to see pictures of your displays! Ohh and that rude woman... hope you never run into her again!


I have NEVER heard of anyone saying something like that and I would have went in wasn't her house...Oops...that's the "shark" side of me!!! "Shark" is what hubby and I call the other "dealers"...who do not nice things like that lady !!!
Great finds for you new space!
I can't wait any longer and will be mailing your swap package tomorrow...
Deb :)

Sue (Someone's Mom) said...

It looks as if you found some fun things for your new shop!


Ann said...

What a treat you had! We never see estate sales (we call them house sales) here in the UK anymore. It all gets either sold or dumped by professional house clearers! My Mum went to one 38 years ago and bought the HOUSE - its still our family home!