Friday, January 22, 2010

PostCard Friendship Friday - A Bite of Apple!

Welcome to my post for Postcard Friendship Friday.  As I was looking through my postcards today for one that might go along with Marie's them of  "pigs" none came flying out of my collection.  Then I spotted the apples and began reading the back.  

Dear Children  
We've just left the Columbia R. at Umatilla soon we will be gliding along the Snake R. father is feeling better  I am no worse we had a pleasant time at P.O.s baby is quite a girl. Well I have a sore stomach to take east with me alright sot far. Mother
I can't imagine what it was like traveling distances in the west in 1911.  Most likely Mother and Father were on a steamer similar to one of these below on the Columbia River.
    This postcard is from the Columbia River Penny Postcard Collection postmarked 1909.

This postcard is from the Columbia River Penny Postcard Collection circa 1910.

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Christine H. said...

Beautiful cards. It's wonderful to get a glimpse back into someone's life so long ago.

Marie Reed said...

I wish that I could chug down the Columbia river right now! I love that you posted this intriguing postcard back. I ditto Christine's delightful!

Beth Niquette said...

These are such unique and wonderful postcards. I have often driven down the highway which winds along the Columbia River and wondered what it was like in the "olden days."

Lovely post--Happy PFF!