Thursday, January 28, 2010

PostCard Friendship Friday - Old Post Office New Face!

Marie at Friendship Postcard Friday has started this Fridays posting with an old post office.  I knew we had to have a post office in the house. My FIL has a massive collection of postcards so I asked him if he had any post offices and in minutes he pulled this one out.  Turns out he worked in this building in his teens when it housed the Bureau of Reclamation.  

The old US Post Office was built in 1914 and served as the main post office for Amarillo until 1939 when a larger building was built at 207 5th Street.  The building was later named the Coble Bldg.  This card was postmarked the about the time  the SUNDRY CIVIL APPROPRIATION BILL, 1921 was being discussed.




The CHAIRMAN You have an item in House Document No 643 for the Amarillo Tex post office as follows That of the unexpended balance of the appropriation for the construction of a post office building at Amarillo Tex not exceeding $10,500 is made available for enlarging the mailing platform and for making certain interior changes in said building When was that building completed

 Mr WETMORE In 1916 We have a balance of nearly $11,000 on account of that building The CHAIRMAN You want $10,500 for enlarging the mailing platform Mr WETMORE And for interior changes The CHAIRMAN What interior changes do you propose to make

 Mr WETMORE On the first floor of the building to give the post office additional accommodations This enlarged mailing platform would be an inclosed platform that would really have the effect of enlarging the post office quarters That is not a large cost considering the number of square feet of space gained That is one of those cases where perhaps we could have gone ahead and expended the unexpended balance without any question being raised but the balance had not been reserved for this purpose it was to take care of painting and some other things We had more than we needed to finish the building and the balance has not been turned in When I was asked the other day whether it could be used for this purpose I said No we should get authority from the Appropriations Committee to use it for this purpose The work contemplated is along the line of things that we are doing with that $220,000 appropriation you granted especially for such purposes It is a case where there is an unexpended balance from the building appropriation that might be used to afford relief by providing some very much needed accommodations 

The CHAIRMAN Is the town growing 

Mr WETMORE Yes sir 

The CHAIRMAN Very rapidly 

Mr WETMORE I do not know how rapidly I will supply for the record a statement showing the number of square feet that this would give in the way of relief and the price per square foot NOTE: The platform will be enlarged 200 square feet 

The CHAIRMAN Also supply for the record if it is available in your office a statement of the postal receipts down there since 1916 so that we may see how great this congestion is 

Mr WETMORE I will do so

The post card reads: August 23, 1921 Dear folks, Sure lots of country but like it best at home. We had good luck roads and weather coming down and are on our way back.  Everybody feeling fine. Elmer & Elisabeth 
Today the First Bank of Texas is in the building.  GO to see the renovations done by Lavina Architects!
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Bob of Holland said...

You did some very good research for this postcard. Thanks for sharing. Happy PFF!

Postcardy said...

The renovated building is beautiful. It's good that the building wasn't torn down.

Sherrie said...

That's a beautiful old building! The postcard serves as a reminder of what it looked like. Have a great day!

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Mary said...

I like the postcard, but I really like the countdown to daylight savings time on your blog! That's better than ground hog Day as a reminder than Spring and Summer will come around again, sooon.

Beth Niquette said...

How fabulous!!! Wonderful post! Happy PFF!

Sheila said...

It's a very handsome building so it's good to see that it's being well looked after.

viridian said...

Lovely (new) interior! Happy PFF.

Snap said...

I'm so happy when buildings are saved rather than torn down. Beautiful renovation! Happy PFF

Irene said...

thanks for sharing. HPFF

Marie Reed said...

This is fascinating! What a wonderful post! It must have brought back some nice memories for your FIL too if he worked there during his adolescent years!