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Colorful advertising card.

I planned to share a little about R.E. Hoskinson.  Nothing was to be found.  Benton, Ill is still a pretty small town.  I did find an interesting  story on the DESTRUCTION OF RECORDS.  Maybe a lot of history was lost in the fire.  They tried to restore records read to find out how much each commissioner and secretary were paid.


On the night of the 18th of November, 1843, the aforesaid clerk's office, which was built by Mr. (Augustus) ADAMS, was consumed by fire and with it nearly all of the public records of the county were destroyed. Afterward the General Assembly of the State, by an act passed January 21, 1845, appointed Lemuel R. HARRISON, Walter S. AKIN, and Samuel K. CASEY, commissioners of a board of investigators, to restore the lost records of the county, at the expense of the State.

      Accordingly these commissioners met in Benton on the 19th of May, 1845, and employed S. M. HUBBARD as their secretary, and proceeded to the performance of their almost impossible duties. After the death of Mr. HUBBARD, which occurred soon thereafter, they employed William. R. BROWNING as their secretary. They restored the records so far as it was in their power, it being impossible to restore such records of courts and of written instruments as were entirely wiped out of existence by the fire. Their efforts and work was limited to the restoration of the records of titles to real estate, and of instruments remaining in the hands of individuals. A call was made for all persons having deeds of conveyances, and other written instruments which had been recorded, and which were entitled to record, to reproduce them to the said board of investigators, to be re-entered of record. In this way many instruments came into their hands, and were thus restored to record. At the September term, 1845, of the commissioners' court, William. R. BROWNING, secretary of the said board of investigators, filed the following accounts for services, to wit: Lemuel R. HARRISON, 26 days, $45.50: Walter S. AKIN, 25 days, $43.75; Samuel K. CASEY, 20 days, $35.00; S. M. HUBBARD, 14 days, $24.50; William. R. BROWNING, 10 days, $17.50. These accounts, after being verified, were allowed by the court and ordered to be certified by the clerk, to the State auditor of public accounts at Springfield for payment.

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Postcardy said...

I wonder whether there is a story behind that illustration or whether it is just something from the artist's imagination.

Snap said...

Cute illustration. I'm with Postcardy -- wonder what the story is behind the illustration -- doesn't look like General Merchandise, but it does get your attention like a good ad should. Happy PFF!

Sheila said...

I think the card is delightful! It's a real shame that so many records were destroyed by the fire.

Irene said...

Great card, and thanks so much for a history lesson, love it!

Beth Niquette said...

Wonderful postcard! I thoroughly enjoyed this blog today! Happy PFF!

Stacey said...

Whst a fabulous image- I just love the fact that she's riding in a shoe and being pulled by birds; So romantic!

Catherine said...

Wonderful card - thanks for sharing. Such interesting info, too.

Mary said...

I think it must be one of the daughters of "there was an old lady who lived in a shoe" running away from home because there were too many of them!