Sunday, February 21, 2010


Have you created a piece of artwork that embodies the spirit of your Muse? Are there people in your life that constantly inspire you? Do you have an inspiration shelf or board in your studio? Do your emotions find their way into your artwork? Are you renewed by taking walks in the beach or woods? Does working in your garden refresh your soul? Do the antics of your children or pets keep you grounded? Do you love to surround yourself with particular colors? Does watching your feathered friends give you wings? Do favorite sounds or fragrances ignite the writer within? Does journaling give life to, or put to rest, your innermost thoughts? Does the mere mention of a yard sale or flea market make your heart jump for joy? Does your everyday world have another life through the magic of a lens?

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I don't have a particular piece of art I created that I have kept as a "muse".  
I do have a collection of things others have given to me 
among my jars of buttons and other things 
I have on top of my shelves in my room.
The pictures here are just a glimpse of what is in my room!

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