Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Dad and I have filled out space at Cats Meow to the brim.  
We have lots more to bring in!

Cat's Meow is downtown Poulsbo, WA.  
If you happen to be in town be sure to stop in and check out all the great antiques. 

This is the parking lot side of the store. 

We are VENDOR #53, come on in and see our stuff!!!
I keep adding every day.  
Tomorrow I have a pair of soap stone book ends I will be taking in. 
There is a mirror on the bottom of this shelf now.  
The reflection really helps show things off.
A shelf of kitchen things.
A few old cans...
The brass unicorn book ends were our FIRST SALE!!!!
Our mostly silver plate shelf!
An assortment of things.  
Yes those are CANDLE WICK juice glasses in the upper right corner!
Just below this are the mustache cups!


Linda said...

Congratulations! How exciting! I can see why the unicorn bookends sold quickly as they caught my eye too! Wishing you much success!


Shelly said...

Congrats, I need to come over and check it out one of these days!


Linda said...

How fun Lyneen! I'll definitely stop by soon. Good luck with your new venture!


Hi Lyneen,
I was wondering when you were going to show us your "booth"...
Hey...you called me Linda in the last post!!!
I hope you do very well at the antique store!
Deb :)

Baroness Bijoutery said...

Congratulations...What fun....Hope you have massive sales..

Shelly said...

Silly Girl,
You already commented on my giveaway for OWOH,,,,,,which is what lead me to you in the first place!

I don't care. I know you have had your head elsewhere and rightfully so,,,,,for that alone you are a woman after my own heart..LOL

I'm following you and want to come and see you in the near future,,,,,and again, best of luck with your shop/space!!!

I work at a shop on weekends in Snohomish called "Joyworks",,,Jana, the owner's daughter has a blog for the store which is delightful and she posts almost daily,,,,

It's a weird Blog name though,,,,from when she set it up,,so just put JOYWORKS in your Google or other search engine and the store blog should pop up....We sell everything from Home decor, clothing/seasonal/accessories, paper goods as well as a touch of handmade goods by several of us (Moi included) and a few vintage and/or collectibles.......

I show you mine,,,,if you show me yours!!! : ) Stop by her blog
and one of these days we'll meet,,in your neck of the woods, or ours!!


Riki Schumacher said...

Oh wish I could come in right away. I'm in CA for the winter, but maybe this summer! Take care. Riki

Melissa Jenkins said...

I wish we lived closer to Poulsbo! Those unicorns are lovely. I love love love unicorns. :-)