Saturday, June 26, 2010

Trip to Seattle-Photos From the Ferry-IT'S IN THE PI!

The P-I is known for the 18.5-ton, 30-ft neon globe atop its headquarters on the Elliott Bay waterfront, which features the words "It's in the P-I" rotating around the globe and an eagle perched atop with wings stretched upwards. The globe was conceived around 1949 in a readers contest to determine a new symbol for the paper. In the time since, the globe has become a city landmark that to locals is as iconic as the Space Needle. A stylized rendering of the globe appeared on the masthead of the newspaper in its latter years and continues to be featured on its website

On January 9, 2009, the Hearst Corporation announced that after losing money on it every year since 2000, Hearst was putting the P-I up for sale. The paper would be put on the market for 60 days, and if a buyer could not be found within that time, the paper would either be turned into an Internet-only publication with a drastically reduced staff, or closed outright. Today the paper is an Internet-only publication.

Tomorrow the Space Needle!

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