Thursday, June 24, 2010

Trip to Seattle - Photos From the Ferry - Ivars + Firehouse #5

Seattle’s historic full service seafood restaurant is on Seattle’s colorful waterfront at Pier 54. In 1938 Ivar Haglund rented the Northeast corner of the pier shed for a small aquarium, which included a small fish and chips stand. 

The Original Acres of Clams opened in 1946 a larger restaurant on the Southeast corner of the pier.  It has expanded and been redesigned over the years.  This attractive yet informal restaurant has a wharf-like feel which features stellar waterfront views of Washington State ferries, Fire Station #5’s waterside operations and Puget Sound.  At this site there is the more formal dining and a fish-bar with an outside eating area.  

Waiting for a hand out!

Pier 53, a very short pier just north of the ferry terminal near the foot of Madison Street, is the site of Seattle Fire Station No. 5, at 925 Alaskan Way. The present 1963 building is the third fire station at this address and the fourth to serve the Central Waterfront. The fire department used to play a particularly critical role on the waterfront, the piers all made of wood. The Great Seattle Fire of 1889 had consumed the piers as far north as Union Street along with the rest of the heart of the city.

Ater the Great Fire, a small one-story wood frame firehouse was erected near the foot of Madison Street, but not quite at the present site. It opened January 3, 1891 with a crew of nine, the new fireboat Snoqualmie and a small hose wagon. In 1902, a larger two-story wood frame building was constructed on the present site and in 1910, the new fireboat Duwamish replaced the Snoqualmie. The wood frame building was demolished in 1916 and replaced by an elegant brick building in 1917. An additional fireboat Alki came into service in 1928.

While the 1917 fire station was recognized as an aesthetically good building, by the early 1960s its supporting pier timbers were becoming unsafe. The building was demolished in early 1961. After extensive work on the pier supports, the new modern building was erected and opened in December 1963.,_Seattle

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