Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Trip to Seattle - Photos From the Ferry - Smith Tower

Today I took a trip to Seattle.  A trip usually involves a ferry ride.  I caught the Bainbridge to Seattle just after noon.  This was one of our first warm days of summer.  Many sailors had their boats out!
Below, through the haze, Seattle in the distance. If you look closely you will see the spit that is exposed at low tide off the point (in the middle of the picture).  The ferry must navigate around it.  Look even closer... there are two herons on the spit.  Click on the picture to get a better look.  The lone semi tall building on the far right is The Smith Tower.  Today it is dwarfed by the skyscrapers of downtown.  Note: Downtown is  built on higher ground giving the impression the Smith Tower is even smaller than it truly is!
The Seattle Waterfront is full of history, I plan to share a little of it through my photos from the ferry over the next few days.  The Smith Tower is a historic building in Seattle, for 50 years it was the tallest building in Seattle.  In 1962 the Space Needle dwarfed it (that is a post for another day.)
In 1909, Smith (Smith-Corona Typewriters) planned to build a 14-story building in Seattle. His son persuaded him to build instead a much taller skyscraper and to be known as the tallest west of the Mississippi, "THE SMITH TOWER". The fourth tallest in the world! The building was completed in 1914 to a height of 462 ft from curbside to the top of the pyramid.  Since it has change ownership three times.  In recent years the building was converted into condominiums.  The infamous Chinese Room is on the 35th floor of the tower, and the 35th floor also has a wraparound public observation deck.   The elevators have brass and copper cages; the doors are latticed, which allows riders to see into the hallways on each floor. The Smith Tower is one of the few buildings on the West Coast that have elevator operators.


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