Friday, June 25, 2010

Weekend Mailbox

Above the door of the post office in Poulsbo, Washington is the image of Pillar Guri.  Pouslbo is a community based on a Scandinavian culture.  Pillare Guri is a legendary Scandinavian woman.

Her story is of a woman who blew a prillarhorn to warn the Norwegian peasant militia of the oncoming Scottish army. The army was making their way through Gudbrandsdal on their way to Sweden to enlist in the Kalmar War against Denmark and Norway. She played a key role in the successful ambush of the Scottish army.

The victory over the Scots is celebrated in Otta and Dovre to this day.
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Joy said...

Good job the Scots were not playing their bagpipes. Interesting history.

Greyscale Territory said...

What an unusual find! I have never seen anything like this above a post office doorway! Maybe above a boutique shop in a village but not a post office! And there is a great story behind it! Lovely photo!

Thank you so much for joining Weekend Mailbox again this week!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Sheila said...

Fascinating, and a story I'd never heard before. I followed your link which was interesting too.