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Gothic Arch Challenge - Daisies

This week the challenge at GOTHIC ARCHES is DAISIES. I live with a Daisy in my home she is our fur baby... at first I was going to do an arch with her... but I have been dying to play with my digital arches from NICECRANE DESIGNS.

Close up of Alice!


Arches & Alice - NiceCrane Design digital images

Daisy’s - Martha Stewart

Clock Stamp Rubber Stampede

Text from an “Alice in Wonderland” Book


On this card I layered two arches digitally over Alice, the third arch I cut out and popped it with foam tape.

Here is our Daisy! Sleeping...

To see more beautiful arches please stop by Gothic Arches.

One of the last pictures with my old Camera

My camera goes every where with me... these are on the table at Barbie's in Seabeck. I love sitting at one of the window seats there and shoot a few pictures while waiting to be served. This day I found a few pictures to take inside!

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Sunday, August 29, 2010


Bremerton Art Walk September 3rd

Blackberry Festival September 4th - 6th

Labor Day - Sept 6th

In honor of the celebrations: Bremerton’s Art Walk, Blackberry Festival and Labor Day I have posted a 20% Sale for all of my items over $5.00 at Simply Renewed. Starting today you can take advantage of the sale. Ask Peggy, Jeanie or Val to direct you to my space.

You will find:
Hundreds of postcards
Old Magazines
Bird Plates (Pictures) by Audubon
Vintage Books
Old photos
Vintage Valentines
Salt & Pepper Shakers
Vintage Cameras
Vintage Hats and Gloves
An old Rosary
Charm bracelet
Rhinestone Pins
and much much more... Please stop by.

More pictures HERE. Note all items are one of a kind... they may be pictured today and gone tomorrow. If you see something you like don't wait too long to visit Simply Renewed.

301 Pacific Ave. * Bremerton, WA.
Phone: 360-479-4101

Friday, August 27, 2010

Postcard Friendship Friday - Crest House

This linen postcard was most likely purchased at the Mount Evans Crest House. It is a building, now in semi ruins, located at the summit of Mount Evans in Colorado at 14,000 ft. It is notable for both its architectural design, and its unusual location. The house was a dream envisioned by Justus “Gus” Roehling, a German emigrant. He wrote a poem to Edith, his then girlfriend and future wife, about “My Castle in the Sky.” See the Poem HERE in a history of the house by Charla Stilling!

Gus and his crew constructed the structure between 1940 and 1941. Due to the high elevation and cold winters the building season was limited to summer months. The intention of the design was to create a “Castle in the Sky” the base of the Glass portion of the building was a star.

Crest House opened in the fall of 1941. Amenities were provided to travelers at Crest House they included a restaurant, gift shop, rest rooms, emergency oxygen, and an observation deck. Crest House became well known for its fried doughnuts, coffee and hot chocolate. Employees at the time of opening were Denver area college students on their summer break, living in bunks located in the rear of the building. Even in summer it was a cold place to be!

September 1, 1979, while refilling a propane tank, an employee of a local propane company failed to secure a safety valve, igniting a fire. The structure was never built. However, the base was fortified and now used as an observation platform. Picture at the left from Wikipedia. The star-shaped foundation is still evident on the observation platform. Today the property is owned by the US Forest Service. There was talk at one time of closing the road to the area since it is a 14,000 ft mountain as many people are not prepared for the altitude once they arrive. That however did not happen.

Before Justus “Gus” Roehling died in 1984 he wrote a book about Crest House, “My Castle in the Sky: A True Story by the Builder”, now out of print. I think he called it Crest House after “the crest of the moon” in the sky. How beautiful it would be from 14,000 ft.

For more information:

History by Charla Stilling


Mount Evans - Crest House

Historic Structures - Crest House

Thanks Beth from Hearts are Crunchy for Hosting Postcard Friendship Friday.

To see more postcards this week go HERE.

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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Tag Tuesday - Scrapbook!

This week on Tag Tuesday Louise challenged us to to do a Family Heritage Tag that could be used as an embellishment for scrapbooking. Well I know my mother is putting together 4 albums for each of us of our youth. I decided to do one that she could use.

My youth was spent in Southern California... before Interstates! My parents would pile the four of us in the car and we would go for weekend road trips. That is the theme of my tag this week. Road Trips of my youth. This is just a few there were many more!

Postcards from the top are:

Julian, California (where mom's grandfather homesteaded)

Castle at Disneyland

Grauman’s Chinese Theater

Indio, California

Mount Palomar Observatory

Aerial Tramway, Palm Springs

Huntington Hartford Library & Museum

(Click on the tag to get a better view of the post cards)

Scrapbook Tag:

Copies of postcards from my collection

Vintage map (before interstates)

Stamps Discover-Explore - Road Trip are PXS

Eyelet set with Crop-o-dile


To see more wonderful Tags go the Kard Krazy!

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Dropped my Camera before Peterson Farm Day

Edit 8/23/11:  PETERSON FARM DAY 2011 is 9/18 go HERE for more information!

I was devastated last week when I accidently dropped my Nikon D50. I have had the camera for at least 5 years. Everyone came to know me with a camera attached to my arm. In the mean time I have been using a small point and shoot and not happy at all with the results. My dear husband has ordered me a new camera that should arrive tomorrow. I am so excited. Well good things do happen... I got an up grade on my new camera!

Back to my day on the farm....

Gerry Peterson died September 2009 at the age of 94. He and his wife bought the 167 acre farm early in their marriage. It sits between Silverdale Way and Highway 3 in the Clear Creek Valley. If you know anything about the area you know it is prime land for developing industrial, commercial or residential... Gerry Peterson’s last wish was that the farm be preserved as a working farm.
The Peninsula conservancy is working with the estate, Kitsap County, the Kitsap Community and Agriculture Alliance, Kitsap Conservation District, the Washington State University Extension program and members of the Clear Creek Trail Task Force to honor Gerry's wish.

Read more HERE at the Kitsap Sun.

In the mean time I will share my pictures from my day at the Peterson Farm.

Looking up inside one of the silo's

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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Gothic Arch from Nicecrane

Last Week Nicecrane Designs was so kind and sent me her package of digital Gothic Arches. I have wanted to play with them since receiving them, home and work got in the way of play. Last night I finally got a chance and they are wonderful.

I cut out one of the Arches. You can use them digitally also.

Joan of Arch

Gothic Arch- from Nicecrane Designs

Joan of Arch - image from my collection of Ephemera

Stampin’ UP- background stamp

Silver Metal trim from stash

The Arch is atached with foam tape to give it more dimension.

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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Theme Thursday - Children

A little late... almost time for the current weeks theme. To see other cards this week go to Theme Thursday HERE!
Oh So Sweet
Pearls-Memory Box
Oh So Sweet - Rubber Soul
Background text- Old book

Sorry about my pictures this week on Sunday I dropped my D50 (the camera was the love of my life). I am using a small point and shoot and having a hard time with the settings. I was so used to the bigger camera. I have a new D90 0n order and can't wait for it to arrive! It will be here on Friday!
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Monday, August 23, 2010

Great Crafters Paper Cut... Review New Papers/Giveaway


This summer the When Creativity Knocks Team attended the Craft and Hobby Association's Trade Show in Rosemont, Illinois. We searched high and low to find some of the latest paper lines to participate in our Great Crafters' Paper Cut. Ana and Megen gave nine paper companies three minutes on camera to share with you their new lines. Review each of the companies' segments and vote for your favorite one. Each registered WCK viewer gets one vote. Make it count! One lucky voting viewer will win a paper package containing paper from each company represented.

I have copied the information right off of their site... I didn't want to get the rules wrong. Be sure to stop by view the videos and vote for your favorite line. Then you will have a chance to win!

Wednesday Stamper - Stitched

A little late, here is my card for Wednesday Stamper. The theme was "stitched". On the card there must be some stamping. I stamped the background with VersaMark using the Stampin'Up Print Pattern and the sentiment from PXS.

Journey of Love
Card stock - Rubber Soul
Blue cardstock layer - Bazzil
Image from ephemera collection
Stash - Lace, waxed thread
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Sunday, August 22, 2010

NY to Silverdale 9-11 will be Remembered

Today was a beautiful day in Silverdale. I knew I wouldn't be able to watch the truck roll in with the two WTC beams from NYC. I so wanted to, but family commitments kept me away. Well almost, I did have a moment around 4:00PM and I dropped by the site. It was very moving to see all the fire, police and service men and women arriving and milling around. You don't have to see the two beams to feel what they mean. Just watching the event set up brought tears to my eyes. Here are a few pictures I took. Read the Kitsap Sun story HERE!

Thank you to all the Fire, Police, Navy, Army, Airforce, Marines, Coast Guard and Reserves that protect and serve this precious country of ours!

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9-11 Memorial Beams in Kitsap August 22

I posted a couple of setup pictures HERE!

Have you heard about the trek two 5,000 pound beams from the World Trade Center have made across the United States this past week? It was front page news August 21st in the "Kitsap Sun Neighbors Extra". You can learn more about this project Kitsap9-11Memorial.org

Lee & Donna Summers are the Truck Drivers from R & R Transport who are transporting the World Trade Center steel from NYC to Silverdale WA. You can read their posts about the drive cross country HERE!

A massive motorcycle escort is being organized and coordinated through The Patriot Guard Riders of Washington State to escort the truck from the Idaho border to Silverdale. Learn more about the escort route HERE!

They are due to arrive at the Kitsap Mall August 22 Between 5PM and 6:00PM. Maybe I will see you there!

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Peterson Farm Day - August 22, 2010

Petersen Farm Day
Clear Creek Valley, Silverdale


Sunday, August 22, 2010
1:00 p.m. - 4:00 p.m.
Fun for the whole family!
Last night I read the article “A Living Lesson in Kitsap’s Farm History Offered” by Brynn Grimlye in the “Kitsap Sun Neighbors Extra” dated August 21st.

In her article she wrote about a farm I passed everyday on my way to work in Poulsbo, that is until I changed jobs a couple of weeks ago. I’d drive over Ridgetop and take highway 3 north. On my right is a beautiful farm. I always wanted to check out the farm, knowing it was private I never did. On August 22 I have been given the opportunity and so do all of my commuter friends that have driven by and wondered about the beautiful farm. JUST ONE DAY! In the future the Peninsula Conservancy hopes to open the farm annually for a day on the farm. To learn more about the conservancy and their projects click HERE!

8/23/10 Update... HERE is a link to the article. Thanks Brandi

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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Match Box Christmas Swap

Did I mention I joined the Countdown to Christmas Match Box Swap at A Swap for All Seasons?
Well here are my match boxes empty and ready to be decorated, THEN filled. I have started gathering little things to stuff inside and hopefully delight the recipient.
Linda, the host, at A Swap for all Seasons had a giveaway this week for those of us participating in the the match box swap. To enter we had to leave a comment sharing some of our favorite things. She has the song "My Favorite Things" playing on her site. Well that stuck in my mind... I tried my hand at listing some of my favorite thing to the tune of the song!


Little birds nests and pastel shaded eggs
Beautiful colored feathers and Copics I beg
Butterflies and dragonflies with delicate wings
Just a few of my favorite creative things

Delicate flowers with Fairies and elegant vintage postcards
Glitter and Dresden foils and exquisite crystal shards
French ladies in Paris with Eiffel Tower settings
Add these to the list of my creative things

Old papers n’ photos, ribbons, buttons, laces galore
Rhinestone castoffs, glass beads and more
Creating in my studio till wee hours of mornings
A few more of my many creative things

When the weathers cold
When the TV is old
When I'm ready to design
I simply remember my favorite things
And then I feel divine!

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Couple of Cards...

Here are a couple of cards I made recently using up some of my stash and things I have received in RAKS!
On the card above the tag in the pocket is blank...
a message could be written on it by the sender!
I have a lot of this paper blue and brown paper.

interesting text from the book I tore the page from!
I picked up a big box of this card stock from a thrift store...

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Friday, August 20, 2010

Postcard Friendship Friday - McAlpin, NYC

In the New York Times, December 1912

“Flock to Inspect the Biggest Hotel

The McAlpin

Thronged with Visitors When Its Doors

are Opened for Business.


From Wikipedia: “The 'Hotel McAlpin' was constructed in 1912 at the corner of Broadway and 34th street in Manhattan, New York City. When opened it was the largest hotel in the world... the New York Times commented that it was so tall at 25 stories that it “seems isolated from other buildings.” Boasting a staff of 1,500, the hotel could accommodate 2,500 guests. It was built at a cost of $13.5 million (nearly 300 million in 1997 dollars). The top floor had a Turkish bath and there were two gender-specific floors; women checking into the hotel could reserve a room on the women's only floor and bypass the lobby and check in directly at their own floor. One floor, dubbed the “sleepy 16th” was designed for night workers so that it was kept quiet during the day.”

In 1938 and again in 1954 the building was renovated. In the late 1970s the building was converted to 700 rental apartments. Most recently renovations brought it up to standards and it is “one of the places to rent”. Today the building operates under the name Herald Towers. There are 60 furnished apartments for short term use and 690 studios and one bedroom for lease rentals. Current rentals are 483 to 818 square feet (see floor plans HERE) and range in price from $2,300 to $3,700 a month!

I walked to 1726 N Cherokee Hollywood CA on Google and there is a parking structure there today!

Correspondence on the back:

Dear Nell, We are not staying here, but at an apartment of my cousins. We have seen almost as much of NY as we care to, and expect to move on about Friday. We are having a fine time but hope to have a rest at Keuka Lake the first two days of July. Grace E
More on Keuka Lake HERE!

Notice the cancellation "address your mail to street and number".

Happy Postcard Friday!
Thanks Beth for hosting.
Click HERE to see more postcards!

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Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Happy Anniversary

90 years ago today

women won the right to vote

Photo Here on Wikipedia

More info:

100 Years Towards Suffrage

Wikipeda Woman's Suffrage

New Stamps for Artistic Outpost!!!

I was hopping around blogs, today Lynn Stevens had a sweet card using the new Neverland stamps from Artistic Outpost. Artistic Outpost has done it again made it impossible for me to resist their stamps. They have just released two new sets. Neverland and Halloween!!!!


Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Today at Tag Tuesday Louise challenged us not to use paper!!!! WHAT NO PAPER!!! Well, I thought about it and realized there were a lot of options. Next, what do I have here in my stash that I can use. Then the ideas kept coming: mica, cardboard, cloth, plastic, glass and wood. I finally settled for a transparency.

I have two layers of transparencies here. One with the woman, measuring tape and envelope. The second, with the large roses. I layered them, holding them together with the eyelet. To view other tags click HERE.

Ink Jet Transparency
Clipart from “Vintage Ephemera” by Suzanne McNeill printed on transparency
Pearls- Crystal Stickers
Stash- Flowers, eyelet and ribbon

Monday, August 16, 2010

Gothic Arch Challenge - Back to School

Gothic Arches is one of my favorite challenges, beginning this week the challenge will be posted bi-weekly. This week I did a simple arch of the "Back to School" challenge. The image was too cute to change much. This is from a vintage postcard and was actually a Valentine.


Image from personal ephemera collected

Sentiment stamp-PSX

Small Bird-Rubber Soul

Gold Paint Pen

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