Thursday, August 26, 2010

Dropped my Camera before Peterson Farm Day

Edit 8/23/11:  PETERSON FARM DAY 2011 is 9/18 go HERE for more information!

I was devastated last week when I accidently dropped my Nikon D50. I have had the camera for at least 5 years. Everyone came to know me with a camera attached to my arm. In the mean time I have been using a small point and shoot and not happy at all with the results. My dear husband has ordered me a new camera that should arrive tomorrow. I am so excited. Well good things do happen... I got an up grade on my new camera!

Back to my day on the farm....

Gerry Peterson died September 2009 at the age of 94. He and his wife bought the 167 acre farm early in their marriage. It sits between Silverdale Way and Highway 3 in the Clear Creek Valley. If you know anything about the area you know it is prime land for developing industrial, commercial or residential... Gerry Peterson’s last wish was that the farm be preserved as a working farm.
The Peninsula conservancy is working with the estate, Kitsap County, the Kitsap Community and Agriculture Alliance, Kitsap Conservation District, the Washington State University Extension program and members of the Clear Creek Trail Task Force to honor Gerry's wish.

Read more HERE at the Kitsap Sun.

In the mean time I will share my pictures from my day at the Peterson Farm.

Looking up inside one of the silo's

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Shirley said...

Great pics, Lyneen! Sorry to hear about your camera but glad that you're getting a better one! :)

Stampin' D'Amour said...

Nice photos!

Sorry to hear about your camera...I always worry about that happening.

-pamela :)

Faye said...

Love the pictures. These scenes are what I used to paint. About the contraption I told you about (in the trunk), we kids rode back there, waving at the people who drove up behind us. Nowadays, my dad would be under the jail for child abuse, I guess, but we thought it was great fun.

The House That Goth Built said...

Love these pictures of the rural vintage buildings....especially the interior of the silo! I can definitely of my house are over 100 years old!! Enjoyed visiting your site & thanks for the nice words you left on mine!!