Monday, August 9, 2010

Etta Projects

I learned another group leaves for Bolivia in a few days, this time the group will include a team of Dental and Vision Care specialists. They will be working in rural villages hopefully alleviating some incredible dental pain and improving the ability to see for a few hundred.

If you would like to learn more here is the newsletter with details of one of their last visit. As I read it I was moved to tears. I take so much for granted. Clean water from the tap, our amazing sewer system and the grocery store just down the street. This is a great organization to learn more please visit their website!


Etta Projects partners with Bolivian communities to identify, prioritize, and implement sustainable solutions to the health, education, and economic challenges of poverty.

Attainable - Sustainable - Results

Empowering Bolivian communities to transcend the limitations of poverty.

Etta Projects Comprehensive Clean Water Project

Our water project is a sustainable, modular, movable system that provides a simple filter system and essential education. Experience tells us that a system installed without accompanying knowledge base is likely to fail. We create the education system so that any water system has the highest potential to be successful.

The Water Project has also been really good. Before my family and I drank whatever water without knowing there was something wrong with it. Both my children and I have learned a lot. The kids want to wash their hands and drink clean water now. They say to me, "Mommy, I will only drink water from the filter." This is the first time in my life that I have had this kind of service. I never never knew or thought about these things before. I was inviting illnesses into my home without knowing it. Now we know."

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