Saturday, August 21, 2010

Match Box Christmas Swap

Did I mention I joined the Countdown to Christmas Match Box Swap at A Swap for All Seasons?
Well here are my match boxes empty and ready to be decorated, THEN filled. I have started gathering little things to stuff inside and hopefully delight the recipient.
Linda, the host, at A Swap for all Seasons had a giveaway this week for those of us participating in the the match box swap. To enter we had to leave a comment sharing some of our favorite things. She has the song "My Favorite Things" playing on her site. Well that stuck in my mind... I tried my hand at listing some of my favorite thing to the tune of the song!


Little birds nests and pastel shaded eggs
Beautiful colored feathers and Copics I beg
Butterflies and dragonflies with delicate wings
Just a few of my favorite creative things

Delicate flowers with Fairies and elegant vintage postcards
Glitter and Dresden foils and exquisite crystal shards
French ladies in Paris with Eiffel Tower settings
Add these to the list of my creative things

Old papers n’ photos, ribbons, buttons, laces galore
Rhinestone castoffs, glass beads and more
Creating in my studio till wee hours of mornings
A few more of my many creative things

When the weathers cold
When the TV is old
When I'm ready to design
I simply remember my favorite things
And then I feel divine!

Please leave a comment and let me know you stopped by.



You did great with the song!!
I was thinking about joining that swap...I found a couple of fall ones instead. I'll look for another Christmas one later!
I hope you get a few of your favorite things!
deb :)

Shelly said...


Totally OFF topic,,,,,but I heard from a friend those cabins were haunted! LOL. Friendly and yet loud ghosts! I'd love to hear about your stay,,,,,afterwards!

(The woman that shared this with me? She's a devout Christian and a bunch of them stayed there....they all had "experiences." Not negative,,,,but again, a bit noisy!)

It is gorgeous there,,,,let me know,,,LOL if you hear any "bumps in the night!"

Hugs and Love,