Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Where is all the Suet going?

JUST OUSIDE THE KITCHEN WINDOW... For sometime the suet would be gone in DAYS sometimes ONE DAY. We caught the crows, Pilliated Woodpeckers and the Stellar Jays taking huge hunks of the suet. To deter them we hung the suet from a washer suspended from a wire between two branches. The large birds were still able to grab onto the suet and hang while eating away. Then we placed two old CD's over the suet to with hopes that the birds would stay away. It worked. The suet lasted days longer and the little birds had a chance to get a feeding in.

He lives in the large tree in our yard.
Then we noticed large hunks were disappearing again! It had been a while since the big birds were in the yard. Maybe it was the possum I saw in the yard recently? Today I caught the scoundrel on film!!!!!
One of the neighborhood squirrels!
Here he is eyeing his next meal.
The CD's didn't deter him at all!
He is hanging from a thin wire!!!
When he was finished he knew he had been caught.
Up the tree he scurried...
Most likely he will be back later for another meal.


Linda said...

Great pictures! We have a bunch of his cousins living in our neighborhood too!

Sue (Someone's Mom) said...

I'm sure it must be frustrating for you, but it made for great pictures!