Saturday, October 2, 2010

20 Potatoes a Day... Is he Crazy?

Potato postcard sent Sept. 8th, 1910 - from my collection

I was listening to the radio on my way home from work last night and heard an interview with Chris Voigt. Chris is the Executive Director of the Washington State Potato Commission. He is going to do a CRAZY THING! Eat JUST potatoes for the next 60 days. ONLY potatoes with herbs, maybe a little oil for cooking. YIKES!!!! I think he is a very brave man to give up all the other good things there are to eat. What about CANDY on Halloween and TURKEY on Thanksgiving??? Friday, October 1st, was the beginning of the 60 days.

I checked out his website “20 POTATOES A DAY”. He has some really funny videos... I loved “What Foods I Will Miss”. View the video HERE!

Each Monday he is going to announce a contest for the week where you could win some potato stuff. I think I am going to follow him and see how it goes for the next 60 days.

Here is the back of the postcard, just incase you were wondering what the message was!


Cazzy said...

I love potatoes but is it a balanced diet, I think not!

Catherine said...

I LOVE potatoes, but give up a full dinner on Thanksgiving??? Don't think so! I'll bet his menu for that day will really be something! (How do you carve a turkey-shaped pile of mashed potatoes, anyway?) And the idea of eating TWENTY of them a day??? Is that even possible? He must be going to eat the little red ones, not the big bakers! LOL!