Sunday, October 3, 2010

Let me introduce you to JERRY MATTOON!

Before I go on about Jerry Mattoon...

I want to start at the very beginning. I first saw these wonderful ostrich eggs done with pen and ink on one of my visits to Judy's Junk & Java were we buy the coffee we brew at home.
Judy's Junk & Java is one of my stops at least every other week while running errands, we love their personnel roast coffee! Which they fresh grind if you request. Judy's is an antique store (JUNK) that sells coffee (JAVA) and displays art of local artists. If you haven't been there you must stop by, Dean and Paul are gracious hosts!
The first time I noticed the eggs I was in awe!
Egyptian Egg Tar
Playable instrument, the base is an ostrich egg.
Bird of Play
Another playable instrument!

Ink Spot

Beat of the Dragon Heart

Jerry Mattoon is the artist of the ostrich eggs.

The Lady Sings

Then on a later visit to Judy's...
I noticed a few new paintings in the shop.
This one...
Sea Garden

and this one...
Fish on the Hunt

and this one...
They are amazing... come to find out
the artist is Jerry Mattoon.

More recently I spied this painting in the shop.
The clown blowing bubbles.
I just love how the bubbles capture scenes in the painting.
Could it be another Jerry Mattoon... YES!!!

On September 17th Judy's Junk & Java celebrated their one year anniversary. They had a wonderful market on the approach and patio in front of the store. Several artists were present. It was an enjoyable evening chatting with and getting to know the artists. Hanging next to the entrance of Judy's Junk & Java I noticed this guy...
and inside was this beautiful bust...
I made a comment about the piece hanging by the door looking like motorcycle parts and was told they were. I was also informed it was a piece made by who other than... Jerry Mattoon.

By now I am overwhelmed by the talent of this man.
He is a very diverse artist sculpting, inking and painting.

Now I have introduced you to the art of the
Most Amazing

You can see more of his art HERE.


Catherine said...

Wow - ink drawings, sculpture and painting - all by the same artist? He's amazing!

Unknown said...

Yes. My uncle is awesome. I have much of his work inn my house.