Thursday, October 28, 2010

Postcard Friendship Friday - Sunken Gardens

Sunken Gardens and Conservatory in Mitchell Park Milwaukee, Wis

The back of the card reads:

Mitchell Park, 64 acres, might be called the "Flower Park of Milwaukee County." Thousands of people attend the chrysanthemum and orchid shows which have earned national recognition. With its magnificent sunken gardens, formal flower beds and lily pond, open pavilion and natural amphitheatre and its playgrounds, this park is a delight in summer and winter.

The original conservatory in Mitchell Park was built in 1898, but was in need of so many repairs that it was decided to demolish it in 1955 and build a totally new design.

In 1967 the final of three bee hive shaped domes were completed to replace the conservatory. The domes each house a different environment. They are the Temperate Dome, Tropical Dome and Arid Dome.

The historic outdoor Sunken Gardens built in 1905 were removed in 1994 when the original four lion-head fountains were put into storage. Today there are reflecting ponds in the park. A current project plans to reclaim the lion-head fountains for the new design in the works.

Read more about the park HERE.

See pictures of the Domes HERE.

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Bob of Holland said...

This must have been a beautiful garden. Too bad it has been demolished. Another enjoyable virtual PFF trip to an unknown place. Thanks for sharing.

Sheila @ A Postcard a Day said...

It seems a shame the gardens were demolished - they looked so pretty.

Beth Niquette said...

I agree with Shiela--that is a shame. There was a time in our history where we thought to rebuild that which was vintage was a good thing.

I hope they can restore some of the grace and beauty to this place. It looks like it was a lovely place to visit.

Happy PFF!

Joy said...

Such a pretty card, pity it is does not exist in that form any more. The domes are interesting, wonder if that will be the sort of thing to be built on Mars, when the human race gets there.