Thursday, October 7, 2010

Random Hearts - Week 6

Been a busy week, not much time to post anything. Getting reared up for the Mixed Media Market on October 23rd. I always have time to look for RANDOM HEARTS. This past Sunday I was at the race track with my camera. As I sat there I would every so often see a heart in the trees. From trees to sky are the hearts I found this week!

Evergreen Hearts!

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Clytie said...

I just LOVE tree hearts - they are so elusive it takes a special heart seeker to find them :=}.

These are so pretty - and I love the cloud heart as well.

I hope you had a fun day at the race track! You certainly made MY day!

Dani said...

marvelous hearts.

Thank you for sharing.
We all do enjoy the shared hearts on Thursday

Laura said...

I just love hearts that lead us to enchanted passageways!

Loly said...

Hai, thanks for sharing with us. I always love what you write on your blog.


Diane AZ said...

Your evergreen hearts and hearts in clouds are delightful! Have a wonderful weekend. :D