Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Random Hearts - Week 9

This week got away from me. I didn't have time to hunt for hearts... or should I say I didn't have my camera with me most of the time. I am always on the look out when my camera is with me. Wednesday evening I went to the gathering at Munson Place where I found some awesome hearts!!!

I was standing at the refreshments served by CJs Catering and spied this heart.
I think it is by Lisa Stirrett the local glass artist!

I mentioned to one of the caterers I was looking for hearts
and he made this one for me!
When his son heard his dad had made a heart he told me he could make a heart...
isn't this heart sweet!

Finally while strolling through Judy's Junk n Java
I found this wood applique on one of the antique wardrobes!

To find more hearts visit RANDOM HEARTS!


Dani said...

wow!!!! Those hand hearts are awesome.
Great hearts you shared. Thank you

LauraX said...

so many beautiful hearts lyneen!

Clytie said...

Those hand hearts are so wonderfully HEART-WARMING! What a wonderful way to find hearts!

The glass heart looks like a dripping ice heart, and the wooden one is gorgeous!

Thank you so much for sharing these precious hearts!

Limar said...

These are all very nice! :)

Beth Niquette said...

What wonderful hearts!!! I really want to eat that first one. (grin)

Happy GHT!