Monday, November 8, 2010

Alexander's Castle - Fort Worden

Looking out the window in the distance I could see the castle on top of the hill. Built in the late 1800's by John Alexander for his bride-to be. John returned to Scotland to find her married to another!

It looks like it belongs in a fairy tale!
Located in Fort Worden, you can rent it by the night... it sleeps 2. I am sure the view from the upper floor is magnificent. I haven't been in the tower, I would think you could see the Strait of Juan de Fuca!
This is where I would like to go for a getaway weekend!
I love the tower...
and the detailed bricks!
Click on text to enlarge!

I love my visits to Fort Worden. These were taken last month when the leaves were begining to change.


Linda said...

I love Fort Worden and the Castle has always had such a fairy tale quality about it!

Catherine said...

Sad tale, but such a beautiful castle!