Sunday, November 7, 2010

Old Negatives... what can you make with them?

Recently I bought a box of photos at auction. In the box were a lot of negatives. I have been trying to figure out what to do with them. My question is, "what can you make with them?"

These do not have the holes along the side like the ones that people make lampshades from... you can see purses and lampshades HERE at Recycle Chicken.
Note... these are not negatives on my family photos. The people have been forgotten by their own relatives.

I look forward to getting suggestions.


Wendy and Family said...

if you wanted to get pictures made of them to use in art projects, there is a place that does that still! In Poulsbo! When you get off on Finn hill and go down the hill to the light take a left ( ?Whats the name of that street) and it is in that shoping center on left next to red apple. ;).
I feel sorry for pictures that get forgotten by their families!

Catherine said...

How about framing them under pieces of glass and hanging them in a window? Don't know if they would fade or not, though.
Also like the idea of sewing them onto something. Or using them in the back of a cigar box mixed-media piece in a "window." :)