Monday, November 1, 2010


Have you tried to find a pay phone lately? I have a cell phone and haven't had a need for a pay phone for years. I can remember before cell phones looking for a pay phone if I were lost or to tell someone I was late. These days all we do is pick up the phone we carry and take care of business right in the car.
Today running errands I sat in the car while my husband ran in one of the stores. Sitting across the sidewalk was this pay phone. It hit me I haven't used a pay phone in years. Then it dawned on me I haven't see many pay phones recently. Are they one of the technologies that has out lived its usefulness? I wonder how hard it is to make a call if you are out and about if you don't have a cell phone? HMMMM...

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Beth Niquette said...

We actually do have a pay phone in town--and it has a bright yellow phone inside. Strange. I don't know who uses it. I never noticed it until last spring.