Thursday, November 25, 2010

Random Hearts - Week 13 - Berry Heart!


A little soiled 1916 postcard greeting.

With Thursday being Thanksgiving this week I wanted a heart that was... along the holiday theme. Thus my berry heart. I make my cranberry relish using my great aunt's recipe.

In case you are wondering what the recipe is:

Cranberry Relish
1 package of cranberries
1 apple
2 oranges peeled
A little orange peel zest (zest before you peel orange)
1 to 2 cups of sugar

Chop cranberries, apple and orange in food processor. Add zest and sugar. Mix together and chill overnight.

I personally use about a 1/2 cup of sugar... the relish is a little tart.


Beth Niquette said...

OOooh, this is so lovely!!! Happy GHT!

Clytie said...

What a perfect Thanksgiving Heart post! I LOOOOOVE your heart dish - and your wonderful cranberry relish recipe - the heritage of your Great Aunt!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Linda said...

Happy Thanksgiving Lyneen!

Greyscale Territory said...

A great presentation idea! Love that dish!

Happy Thanksgiving!

~JANN ~ said...

love the heart dish , perfect for Clyties heart party.