Friday, December 3, 2010

Order Your Holiday Pies from CJ's Evergreen Catering in Bremerton!

How many of you try do everything for Christmas in one month... mail greeting cards, write letters, buy gifts, wrap the gifts, holiday gatherings, work party, secret santa, Christmas lunches, cookie baking, cookie exchanges all of this while you work a full time job (this includes you MOMS) and then the big day arrives. You still have to prepare the Christmas dinner!!!! Don't get me wrong I love cooking my big dinners.

I used to do all the above. I have cut a few things out and streamlined others. ONE THING I have done is started ordering my holidays pies that I serve for desert from CJ's. If you live in the Bremerton, WA area you are missing the best pies in the world! I absolutely love their pumpkin pie.

CJ's has a great assortment of pies for you to order from. For your holiday festivities choose form Apple, Banana Cream, Cherry, Coconut Cream, Peach, Pecan, Pumpkin, Huckleberry and Sweet Potato Pie You must place an order! They do not have ready made pies for pick-up.

CALL 476-2708 and order your pie today.
All orders must be placed by December 20th
Ask for pick up times
Pick up pies at CJ's - 1417 Park Ave.

If you have a party coming up that you are hosting and don't have time to prepare everything for it. Maybe CJ's Evergreen Catering can help you out! Ask about their catering service!

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