Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Good-bye Rubber Soul! EDITED!!!!! You Can Buy RUBBER SOUL STAMPS ONLINE!

Edit:  5/2011 You can now buy Rubber Soul stamps online!!! HERE!!!

GOOD-BYE dear friend... we will miss you!
Last week I couldn't write this... I think I am ready now. On December 31st the doors of Rubber Soul on Front Street closed for the last time.

I first walked into Rubber Soul in 1995, that was the year I moved to the PNW. Whenever I needed a stamp or anything stamp related I headed to Rubber Soul. The shelves were full of wonderful stamps and awesome samples. Over the years Rubber Soul became a huge part of my creative life. I would meet my art friends there once a month. Chat with the staff. Take classes there. Have them make special one of a kind stamps. Eventually teach classes at the store. There was a homey feeling in the store, you were always welcomed with a smile.

I loved the store decor... at Christmas, garlands and poinsettias. The window treatments were a hit with passerby's, especially the bottles hanging with flowers. Or the time monkeys were hanging around the store. At Easter Tulips brightened the place. You would find "day of the dead" items around Halloween. The store was transformed with each holiday and season.

Front Street in Poulsbo will never be the same in my mind without you. Thank you for all the great memories. I am going to miss you my friend.

Edit:  5/2011 You can now buy Rubber Soul stamps online!!! HERE!!!