Sunday, February 6, 2011

A Night to Remember at JUDY's JUNK & JAVA with the BOOT SCOOTIN' GRANNIES

Friday was my father-in-law, Ben's, 82nd birthday. Paul and Dean helped Dad celebrate this day in a VERY SPECIAL WAY!

Let me back up... Judy's Junk & Java is where we buy all of our coffee!!! We purchase a pound at least once a month, sometimes more often. Over the last year and a half Dad and I have gotten to know Paul and Dean from sitting around a chatting when we come by to purchase our coffee and attending every special event they sponsor. A couple of months ago they came up with the idea of doing something at Judy's for Dad's birthday. NEVER did I think it would be as fabulous as it turned out! DO YOU KNOW HOW HARD IT IS TO KEEP A SECRET??? Especially when you spend a lot of time with the person the surprise is for! Thank goodness for email... as a lot of the planning was done electronically.

Back to Friday night: When Dad and I arrived at Judy's Junk & Java Paul was out side fiddling in the garden... to meet us. Dad had no idea what was going on, I told Dad I had cards to drop off at the store for them to sell (which was the truth). It would be a quick stop before going to dinner. When we walked in the door the front room had been cleared! Dad was given a seat on the piano stool handed a cup of JAVA and then the fun began. People poured out of the back room singing HAPPY BIRTHDAY. There were friends, family and the BOOT SCOOTIN' GRANNIES!Link

This was the most awesome gift...
Dean & Paul bought the BOOT SCOOTIN' GRANNIES for Dad!

The grannies danced for 25 minutes....
the youngest in the group was 60, the oldest 83!
I hope I am able to dance like this when I am in my 80's!
They were very entertaining!
I highly recommend them as family party entertainment.
Dad enjoyed every minute of the show... there was a time or two you could tell that he was tearing up! After the entertainment we all sang again and had cake and ice cream.

I ordered a chocolate cake with chocolate frosting from CJ's Catering...
was it ever the best!
Visit CJ's Catering on Facebook HERE!
Dad was able to blow out ALL the candles!
Fun was had by all.

That evening after we left he told me over and over again:
  • This is the "best birthday he has ever had".
  • What great time he had!
  • How did you all ever do that?
  • I can't believe it.
The most disappointing part of the evening was I didn't get pictures of everyone... me of all people who has a camera in hand at all times. I did get video of the entertainment and yes, it has been viewed several times since we've been home!!!

I want to thank all those who came and all the gifts and cards:
Anne & Dave
Mark & Don and thank you Don for the Pesto dish! YUMMY
Cathy & Jo
CJ & Richard
and of course

of Judy's Junk & Java in Silverdale, WA


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