Sunday, May 29, 2011

In Memory of Servicemen (4 of 5 posts in honor of Memorial Day)

Postcard:  Infantry Training Battalions in Review Camp Croft, Spartanburg, SC
Sent 2/12/1945 to Weekstown, NJ
"Dear Mom,  I received the package yesterday "boy" do the cookies and cake taste good. I gave some to a couple of other fellows they said the same.  Its really warm today.  I got a letter for Uncle Boyce today everything is okay there.  Love David"

Those packages to the troops meant so much!!!

Exerts from History Camp Croft, South Carolina - Read more HERE!
"In June 1940, the United States Army quickened its mobilization activities to train personnel in response to the situation in Europe. In the fall of 1939, Army personnel numbered a little more than 200,000 men. By November 1944, the Army had facilities to house and train six million troops in the continental United States. This drastic increase necessitated the construction of numerous mobilization training camps known as Replacement Training Centers (RTC), Camp Croft being one of four camps intended for the instruction of Infantry replacements. By March 1941, twelve RTCs were set up to provide  Infantry, Field Artillery, Coast Artillery, Cavalry, and Armor."

"In 1947, the entire acreage of the former Camp Croft was declared surplus by the War Assets Administration. By 1950, the Army sold the land by pieces to organizations and businesses, including the transfer of 7,088 acres of land to the South Carolina Commission of Forestry for the creation of the Croft State Park. The remaining acreage has been converted to residential housing, and industrial and commercial businesses."

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