Wednesday, June 1, 2011

New Nails with a Vintage Look

Last week I picked up a box of nails at the hardware store!
I want to use them in a vintage 3D collage.

I heard about giving metals a patina using bleach 
so I experimented with 1 part bleach to parts water.  
It was doing something in the jar.

I also hear Coke can do the job 
so I put a few in a jar with Coke 

Here are my results: 
Overnight in bleach

 Overnight in Coke
 I am really liking the ones that were in the Coke...
let me know what you think!!!


Jennifer Robin said...

The coke ones look "older". My personal favorite for aging metal is oven cleaner. Just the el cheapo, spray-on stuff. Works like a charm!

~Cheryl said...

I'm thinking about what Coke might do to your innards when you are enjoying a can of it. Eeeek

POSH said...

My vote is for the Coke treatment...altho I'm a Diet Pepsi kinda girl...LOL
Thanks for the tip...

Rikki said...

I actually like the bleach ones better. They didn't turn so "golden". I love Coke, now I'm a bit worried, :).