Sunday, June 5, 2011


Memorial Day weekend we drove over to Ritzville, WA from Western Washinginton.  
The wind turbines were an impressive site.  
The blades of all the turbines I could see were all turning in the wind!

 You can see how big they are next to the cars on the highway.

There are 149 large wind turbines on the crest of Wild Horse Mountain, they generate enough electricity to supply 55,000 households!

  • The turbines stand 351 feet tall from base to the tip of a vertical blade.
  • Each turbine blade is 129 feet long, 1.6 feet wide at the tip and 11.6 feet wide at the rotors center and weighs over 7 tons!
  • The blade rotates clockwise at 15.5 MPH
  • Full power occurs at wind speed of 31 MPH, they can generate power with winds as low as 9 MPH
  • The blades automatically shut down when winds exceed 56 MPH
  • The blades will tilt and pitch to take advantage of the wind and can rotate 360 degrees to track the winds direction. 
Visit HERE the Puget Sound Energy site and take a tour inside of one of these amazing structures.

The last four photos were taken of the display at a rest stop 
where one can view these amazing structures!


Trisha said...

We have an area near by with turbines. They are HUGE! I wish I had seen the trucks bringing them in piece by piece. That would have been a sight!

Al said...

Wind turbines are very impressive. We saw a couple of huge fields of them driving up to Yellowstone last summer. Nice photos!

just me said...

driving to walla walla from spokane last weekend actually had to share the road with parts they were delivering-HUGE. they are building a bunch east of little goose dam, so close you can almost touch them!!