Monday, July 25, 2011

1925 Hudson Super Six

Sunday we got a call from a family friend asking if we would be around in the afternoon.  If so he could he drop by and take dad out for a ride.  Dad had no idea when we asked him to come out in the front yard that he would find a 1925 Hudson Super Six waiting to take him out for an afternoon ride!!!!

Isn't she a beauty!
 Check out the wooden spokes!
 Please show me where the brake pads are hiding!!!
 Under the hood...
 On the hood!
 The dash

 The manual crank for the windshield wiper... 
Yes, there is only one wiper!
The passenger must have had to help out???
 The door latch inside the car.
 The crank or lever for the back window.
 Leather strap to keep the door from lying all the way back and hitting the car. 
Yes, it is leather... looks like a belt.
 Dad has been on his ride and returning home. 
 One happy fellow!
Read more about Hudson HERE.
Wikepedia HERE


Catherine said...

Wow - this is one special machine - what a fantastic ride! Dad looks VERY happy indeed!

Anonymous said...

Get them brakes conditioned before it ends badly! Wooden spokes? Aren't those for sailing ship wheels?