Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The Birds Are Growing so FAST!!!!

Today we could see all three little beaks.  The chicks are very quiet.  Here it looks like they are waiting for Momma Bird to return with dinner!  Note: All photos are taken using a mirror.    

 Three hungry babes!

 The two biggest!
 Hanging the beak over the side of the nest!
Waiting for Momma to return.  
Hope she has a lot to feed her hungry chicks!
In the lower left corner you can see the beak from the ground.  It is the bird in the picture above - hanging over the side of the nest.  You can see the reflection in the mirror of inside the nest.  All pictures of the chicks are taken with a mirror in this manner. 

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Catherine said...

So wonderful that you are able to chronicle this amazing experience with your photos - thank you for sharing them!