Thursday, September 1, 2011

Tissue Paper Stamping

Tissue Paper Stamping

Collage is one of my all time favorite styles of stamping.  The more stamps the better when creating a collage. Today I am going to share how I created this collage using sewing pattern tissue paper. All stamps are from Viva Las VegaStamps.  

Gather supplies... see list below.

Notice the McCalls Pattern!

Cut panels from card stock (base brown card stock and pattern paper panel for the background.) Stamp on the pattern paper background, first the Ferris Wheel with brown ink.  Mask the Ferris Wheel then stamp Eiffel Tower with red ink.  Mask both the Ferris Wheel and Eiffel Tower and stamp Victorian Balloon with brown ink. Ink edges of panel.  Stamp “DIVA” on scrap of pink paper ink edges.  Rip a small strip of sheet music and ink edges.  Cut piece of contrasting paper (pink) to layer with sheet music.  Adhere sheet music to pink pattern paper and “DIVA” to the sheet music, set aside. 
Masking the Ferris Wheel and Eiffel Tower.

Stamp the Ladies from Plate 552 on sewing pattern tissue paper with black ink. When stamping on tissue be careful not to stamp on other papers as the ink bleeds through. Spray with ‘fixative.” Be sure to follow directions on the can regarding proper ventilation when using fixatives.  The fixative keeps the ink from smearing when  coloring with COPICS and applying adhesive. The fixative also gives the tissue paper more body.  Set aside for a few minutes to dry.  Rip the tissue carefully around the stamped image.  Color the dresses of each image with COPICS.  

Stamped image on sewing pattern tissue paper.

Carefully apply glue stick to the back of image of lady with the strapless dress.  Note: When using tissue you can flip an image!  Gently apply to panel without tearing tissue. Adhere contrasting pattern paper with layer of sheet music and “DIVA” to the lower part of panel.  Then with glue stick attach second lady stamped on tissue over lapping the sheet music. 
Adhere panels to the card base.  Add lace to edge of panel. Embellish dresses with Stickles.

I hope you try collage stamping and enjoy it as much as I do!!!

Stamps from Viva Las VegaStamps:
Ferris Wheel 16038
Eiffel Tower 1728
Victorian Balloon 6302
Ladies  - Plate 552
“DIVA” - Plate 1336 Supplies

Ink - Black, Brown, Vintage Red
Pattern paper and scraps of paper
A2 Card Base 
Sewing Pattern - tissue paper
Fixative Spray
Strip of old sheet music
Paper Cutter

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Terri Sproul said...

thanks for your submission for the VLVS Design Team...

Verna Angerhofer said...

What a cool when I see old patterns in the thrift shops, might just buy a couple. I am not a sewer but this would be useful for artwork then. I love the collage card too.