Tuesday, October 18, 2011

1932 Montgomery Ward Wallpaper Sample Book


1932 Montgomery Ward Wallpaper Style Book

Picked it up at Simply Renewed last week... I am so excited to use some of these papers as backgrounds in my art!!!

This is the 60th Anniversary Style Book from 1932.  The most expensive roll of wallpaper was 48¢, the least expensive was 7¢.  You could purchase as 5 piece paper hangers tool kit for just $1.00 plus 10¢ postage!

One gallon of flat paint was $1.49 
and satin paint sold for $1.85.  

For just $9.95
 you could purchase scenic landscape wallpapers, 
three sections that could cover 12 feet 
and they paid the postage!!!

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 Phone: 360-479-4101