Monday, October 10, 2011

Quick trip to Port Townsend!

Yesterday we took a quick trip to the historic town of Port Townsend... while I was walking around town my camera was pointed towards the sky.  There is so much history in the architecture there.  I wonder what the buildings could tell us of days gone by. Here is a little of the history in pictures.  

Port Townsend was settled in 1851, it was called the “City of Dreams” early speculation was Port Townsend would be the largest harbor on the west coast.  Much of the town was built with this in mind.  In the 1890’s when the railroad stopped in Tacoma and Seattle Port Townsend’s population began to decline. Over the decades the town has been able to maintain its economy in numerous ways including: Fort Worden strategic location, a paper mill and most recently the arts community.  More Info Wikepedia HERE! 


Catherine said...

Beautiful shots, Lyneen. Love your perspective on all of these!

Shirley said...

Simply beautiful! I hear my Dad's voice "They just don't make em' like that anymore!" :0)
Thanks for sharing! I love your blog.

Ann Butler said...

Love pictures of old buildings, doors and windows...thanks for sharing!