Monday, November 14, 2011


I just don't like throwing things away... we have a BIG recycling bin that we fill every two weeks for curb side pick up.  I take things to Goodwill.  Donate to lending libraries and what ever else before something goes in the "trash." Our household fills one can of "garbage" every two weeks.  I think that is pretty impressive.  

I came across this one time beautiful poinsettia, the pine cone in the center is mashed and the petals crumpled.

Today I removed the petals from the base flower and put them in a plastic bag to store in the bin I keep flowers for future projects. I think the gold petals will be a great addition to a future project.

What do you do to recycle or up-cycle?

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Jean Elizabeth said...

I upcycle cans and boxes. I have too many stored now don't know where else to put One of my most favorite things to upcycle is postage envelopes and empty ribbon spools. Check out this group I am in over at PDA