Sunday, April 29, 2012

I am a Winner on The HIVE! What a great day!

What a Great Day... Not only did I get to announce I begin creating for two Design Teams in May: Hobby Baby and Creative Paperclay®. I just found out on The Hive I won the Diamond Tech Glass Bottle Cutter Giveaway!

The winner was posted just minutes ago! I happened to be checking out my usual stops on Facebook and saw a post saying the winner was posted.  I was going to go to The Hive and post "CONGRATS," like I do for most giveaways.  To my surprise there in bold letters was MY NAME!I won the Generation Green (g2) Bottle Cutter and 4 kits!!

3-In-1 Planter Keeper Bottle Art Kit
Keepsake Box Bottle Art Kit
Wind Chimes Bottle Art Kit
Luminary Bottle Art Kit

Generation Green (g2) Bottle Cutter
Be part of Crafting a Green World, it’s easy with the new Generation Green (g2) Bottle Cutter. Made from recycle aluminum, the g2 is lightweight and allows you to easily score and separate discarded bottles and wide-mouth jars in 3 steps. Its 6 turreted cutting head means cutting longevity. Using the g2 Bottle Cutter you can turn old glass bottles and jars into glass sculptures, vases, lamps shades, votive holder or fashion anything you can imagine. 

  • Cut wide-mouth jars and bottles up to 5 gallons.
  • Removable glass cutter for straight cuts.
  • Cut more bottles with 6 durable cutting blades.
  • Cut with ease and comfort.
  • Have better cutting control, taking less pressure to make a good score.
  • Feel good about using a bottle cutter made from recycled aluminum.
  • Contents: One bottle cutter, two 4” x 4” polishing pads, tapper and instructions. 


Today is full of announcements!  I am honored to be on the Creative Paperclay® Design Team for a second term. I had such fun making all my projects the last six months, I decided to submit an application for the next six. Please welcome back a few of my old team members and some new ones.  Click on their names and visit their blogs.

We will be posting a project once a month ,
plus a helpful hint each month on the Creative Paperclay® blog.
Be sure to stop by often!!!

The Secret is Out... HOBBY BABY has a NEW Design Team!

I am so excited to share some news that I have had to keep secret for a few days!  I am on the new design team at HOBBY BABY!  Let me introduce you to the other design team members.  You can visit their blogs by clicking on their names.

We will begin posting projects in May on the Hobby Baby blog.  
Please stop by and LIKE our Facebook page!   

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Viva Las Vegastamps! "LINK IT UP" Blog Hop

The Viva Las Vegastamps! Design Team is inviting you to join them on May 26th for their "LINK IT UP" Blog Hop featuring stamps designed by Mary Vogel Lozinak! The Design Team is  to have Mary Vogel Lozinak join them as on of the stops on the blog hop.

During the hop you can play along!!! 
1.Make a project using Mary Vogel Lozinak stamps.
2.On May 26th or 27 go to the Viva Las Vegastamps Blog and link your Mary Vogel Lozinak project.
3.Everyone that enters has a chance to win $25 to the Viva Las Vegastamps! online store.

Time to pull out your Mary Vogel Lozinak stamps 
and start stamping.
There are more chances to win dollars to shop online at Viva Las Vegastamps!  
There will be random $10 winners from the posts on all of the blogs!!!  Also, the Viva Las Vegastamps! Blog will be giving $25.  Be sure to visit each blog and leave a comment!

Mark your calendar
Be sure to "LINK IT UP" on May 26th & 27th!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Sakura Crystal Lacquer - Eiffel Tower Gift Tag


This tag would make a great embellishment on a package or gift bag for a special occasion!

For the tag I cut a section of a napkin with the Eiffel Tower to use for the front of the tag. Separate the napkin layers (usually 3).  Moisten a Q-tip and outline the areas of the napkin to tear making uneven edges.  Cut canvas 5x7, fray edges by pulling threads.  On the front side, cover canvas with Sakura Crystal Lacquer mixed and Terri Sproul Mixers - Citrine Pearl.  Carefully lay the Eiffel Tower portion of the napkin on the lacquer.  Once the napkin touches it is there to stay (try to move and it will tear).  Layer lace on the canvas using Sakura Crystal Lacquer.  Add Glitter Glitz to the lacquer mix and paint over lace and around edges.  Let it dry before working on the back.  When dry the canvas will be stiff.

On the back use Sakura Crystal Lacquer with Terri Sproul Mixers Aquamarine Pearl (the color from the front side distorted the color and it looks green). On the painted canvas add a piece of sheet music, ledger paper and a section of the napkin, cover with the lacquer.  Sprinkle with fine glitter.  Adhere fabric and flowers with Sakura Crystal Lacquer. Dry throughly, preferably over night.

Center top punch a hole and set eyelet. Add a swivel clasp with chain. Tie ribbons on the clasp. Now you have a beautiful tag to adorn your gift!  
    Terri Sproul Mixers Citrine Pearl
    Terri Sproul Mixers Aquamarine Pearl
    Terri Srpoul Glitz Effects - Vintage Glass
    Terri Sprpul Ultra Fine Glitter
Paper Napkin
Piece of sheet music
Piece of ledger paper
Tim Holtz - Swivel Clasp
Petaloo Flowers

 You can pickup your Sakura Crystal Lacquer and Terri Sproul Mixers

Saturday, April 21, 2012


Winner  of the Blog Candy
In a random drawing the winner is!
Morninglass said...
I love your book! You have given me lots of great ideas as well, thank you!
Welcome to LeslieRahye’s Earth Day Blog Hop! This hop is different than most, you will have all the links on each post you visit.  You can start in the beginning, middle or randomly hop just be sure to visit all the blogs.  SOME HAVE BLOG CANDY... like me... more about that later!  
What is a "junk journal", to some it is a journal that you record random thoughts, list, ideas that pop into your head, designs for later use, you get the idea. I heard “Junk Journal” and “junk mail” is the first thing that popped into my mind!  Yes, I use mail advertisements, old envelopes, paper bags, pieces of scrapbooking paper, items left over from other projects and much, much more.  I do not write in the Junk Journals I create unless I intend to keep it for my use. I believe my journals are similar to “Smash Journals” except I am “smashing” the pages into the book without the journaling. Today I am sharing my version of a "JUNK JOURNAL." These are so much fun to make. Nothing was bought for the sole purpose of creating this journal.  Use your finished project for your own journaling or as a gift for an artist friend who will appreciate it!  

If you are like me you have a hard time tossing even small bits of paper.  Yes, I have to admit my stash of scraps of paper and leftovers from projects is overpowering my studio space.  One resolution is creating my JUNK JOURNALS!  Choose an old book cover that is left from some other project. Use this as the guide for the size of pages you will make.
When I create cards for my design team projects at Viva Las Vegastamps! I stamp a lot of images on dress maker tissue.    Sometimes I don’t use everything I have stamped and it is set aside for later use.  What great home for the image of the  Balloon Airship (available at VLVS!), my junk journal!
Brown paper bags, sheet music, torn paper are all great candidates for a junk journal.  Glue smaller scraps on larger pieces of paper. (Click on pictures to enlarge.)  Use your border punch on others. All of those sheets of pattern paper bought years ago and taking up space are perfect for a junk journal.  A stray glassine envelope makes a great spot for a keepsake with a little hand to show you it is there!!!
Old envelopes, vintage postcards, advertisements, some Viva Las Vegastamps! Strap Tape found a spot on these pages. Have any left over rub-ons? No where to put them... add them to pages in your junk  journal.  
Flash cards, bingo cards and old stationary.  The sky is the limit... if it is paper laying just around then add it to your junk journal.  Photos, vintage school records, old ledger paper all add to the interest of the journal. 
Hidden treasures add a little fun, this pocket contains a game piece from a popular game in the 60’s.
Gather all the pages and put them in the shell of an old book. I buy books from thrift stores, garage sales and library sales to rip apart for my art.  What better way to use the book covers. Three hole punch all the pages and the book cover. Use rings to hold it together.  This makes it easier to add pages and move pages around if need be. Sakura Crystal Lacquer was used to secure everything to the cover of the book. The first layer applied was torn old sheet music, covered with lace and trim.  The finishing touches a few flowers and ribbons.

The finished journal is ready to use or give as a gift!

Now for my Blog Candy... I love old paper and what a perfect gift to give away on my Junk Journal tutorial.  You can win this  1/2 pound packs that I sell at the local antique store, Simply Renewed.
Included in it is vintage paper, pages from old books,  buttons, lace and more.  All paper is, as is.  YOU WILL LOVE IT.  Just be sure to leave a comment on this post for a chance to win.  I would love for you to become a follower, but it is not necessary to have a chance at the blog candy.  I will post the winner Wednesday evening.  April 25th about 7PM.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Creative Paperclay® Fascinator!

Ever since the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton I have been fascinated by fascinators!!!  Believe it or not women have been wearing them for hundreds of years.  Feathers have been worn as adornments in many cultures throughout the centuries. In the 1700’s women adorned their huge powdered wigs with stuffed birds, feathers and even birds nests!  We have seen them in the late 1800’s as lace head shawl held in place with a comb, headbands during the Roaring Twenties and even the Pill Box hats... all were FASCINATORS!  We just didn’t call them that!
They have just recently made a big comeback due to their popularity with the rich and famous!  Fascinators are worn today more often when one might have accessorized with a hat in the past.  They are attached with a comb, barrette or headband.  

So here I am with my CREATIVE PAPERCLAY® Fascinator!!!  It was a great project.  I think these would make great party favors for a New Year's Eve party, Halloween and theme party like Alice In Wonderland. Dream on and start “fascinating!” 
First, create a pattern for the size of hat you would like. Roll out your Creative Paperclay® about 1/8 of an inch thick.  
Cut pattern pieces from Creative Paperclay®.  Roll out a thin snake of Creative Paperclay® to seal the top of the wall of hat set aside to dry for 24 hours.

This hat is the size of paper towel roll, the roll helped keep the round form of the hat.  Once the brim and the hat top dries roll a snake and attach the brim by wetting the edges of the inside of the brim and wall of the top hat.  Set it aside to dry completely at least a couple of days.

Paint hat with black craft paint, then seal with Sakura Crystal Lacquer.
Pierce the brim with an awl making four small holes to attach to a headband.  Gather embellishments: ribbon, feathers, lace old jewelry.  

Here you have the finished Fascinator!
 and create your own Fascinator...


Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Steampunk ATC for a SWAP!

What is a SWAP you ask?  Swaps are organized trading sessions.  Many have a theme. Swaps can be done face to face or through the mail.  If they are done through the mail a host collects all the cards and redistributes them. The host can add rules to the swap as s/he deems necessary.  Like how many to make, must have stamping, at least one embellishment, a mailing deadline just to name a few!
So what is an ATC?  The only steadfast rule to follow when creating an ATC is it MUST measure 2.5” x 3.5” the size of traditional baseball trading cards.  I love trading ATC’s, particularly when the theme is STEAMPUNK.  

Currently, I am hosting a STEAMPUNK ATC swap and I just traded the cards among the participants and the envelopes are ready for tomorrows mail.  I got a little carried away with my ATC and made a little book.... THIS is the ATC I made for the swap.  It is a little extravagant... then I had to try out the Hinge Tape.  Have you seen the HINGE TAPE at Viva Las Vegastamps!  Well that is what I used to put my ATC “book” together.  
My base card is double the size 5” x 3.5” and folded in the middle.  Then I cut an inside piece 2.5” x 3”.  To attach the middle page I used one hinge from the Viva Las Vegastamps HINGE TAPE.  I carefully cut the excess tape away, leaving only the hinge.  Then very carefully lined it up on the two pieces of card stock and applied the hinge! EASY PEASY! 

ALL stamps used on the ATC are from Viva Las Vegastamps!
Inside front: Paris Grunge, only lady from the Steampunk Couple stamp, 
Middle page back side: “May the Steam be with You!”
Background on all pages: Nesting Gears 
Foreground stamped with Stewart Superior Memories Black or Madonna Blue 
Backgrounds stamped with Versafine Crimson Red 
Papers are from my stash 
Victorian Balloon“STEAMPUNK IT!” and “May the Steam be with You!” were stamped on sewing tissue then adhered to the ATC

Shhhh don’t tell anyone I am showing you ATC  before the swappers gets it in the mail!!!  

Did you know Viva Las Vegastamps! has a forum?  If you think you would like to try a swap, I have set up a STEAMPUNK SWAP called Lyneen’s Steampunk Swap... the rules are in the forum.  Become a member of the forum and post on my Swap that you would like to join.  You have until May 5th to join and June 1st to mail them! EVERYONE who participates in the swap will get a special ATC made by me!

Now for my Steampunk Tape surprise... 


Don’t you think he would look great on a kids party invitation?????  

Thanks for stopping by, hope you join my Steampunk Swap!  Remember you have until the end of the month to participate in the monthly challenge go HERE for details.  

Monday, April 16, 2012

New at Simply Renewed

 Today I dropped this off at
 Simply Renewed Antiques!

At the corner of Burwell and Pacific Ave. 
 Downtown Bremerton!
Just 3 blocks 
from the Seattle Bremerton Ferry!